Assistant Professor of Music

Portrait of Rebecca Perry outside in front of windowsRebecca Perry is Assistant Professor of Music Theory at the Lawrence University Conservatory of Music. She hails most recently from Yale University, where she received Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Arts, and Master of Philosophy degrees in Music History. A native of Rolla, Missouri, Perry completed a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance and Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at Brigham Young University.

Perry's research centers on early twentieth-century adaptations of sonata form, particularly in Russia and France. Her dissertation, supervised by Professor Patrick McCreless, explores idiosyncrasies of form and thematic process in Prokofiev’s early instrumental music. She has published in Music Theory & Analysis and presented at meetings of the European Music Analysis Conference, Society for Music Theory, American Musicological Society, New England Conference of Music Theorists, Music Theory Society of the Mid-Atlantic, and Music Theory Midwest. Secondary research interests include narrativity in film music, Russian formalism, and intersections between literary theory and music analysis. 

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