Brigit Fitzgerald (she/her)

Campus Address
Music-Drama Center
Room 151
Conservatory of Music
Visiting Assistant Professor of Music

An active performer and award-winning soloist, Brigit Fitzgerald is an artist determined to positively impact students, audiences, and collaborators with her art. She is delighted to carry out this mission as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Music at Lawrence University and Conservatory.

Brigit Fitzgerald advocates for new music as a member of two contemporary chamber groups: Density512 and the SoundMap Ensemble. Additionally, she has been the principal bassoonist of the Victoria Symphony Orchestra (TX) since 2021. She has won the opportunity to be featured as a soloist with the Phoenix Symphony, National Repertory Orchestra, University of Texas Symphony Orchestra, and Vanderbilt University Orchestra. As well as being a semifinalist in the Meg Quigley Vivaldi Competition (2023), she has recently placed first in the National Bassoon Meetup Artistry Competition (2021), the Young Texas Artist Music Competition (2022), and the First International Bassoon Tango Competition (2022). 

Using her degree in mathematics, minor in scientific computing, and graduate studies in acoustics, Brigit Fitzgerald is working with two engineers and a chemist to develop a partially synthetic reed that is both affordable and long-lasting. This interdisciplinary team co-founded Fermata Reeds Inc., a company focused on increasing accessibility to music by minimizing economic barriers to learning reed instruments. She is an advocate for bringing technology into the music industry and for the benefits of collaborative innovation. 

Brigit Fitzgerald is a graduate of Vanderbilt University (BM) and The University of Texas at Austin (DMA and MM), where she worked as the bassoon teaching assistant for four years. She enriches her musical life with two-stepping, painting, and woodworking. She is from Phoenix, Arizona, and she hopes to one day own a herd of alpaca.

DMA in performance - The University of Texas at Austin
MM in performance - The University of Texas at Austin
BM in performance and mathematics - Vanderbilt University
Years at Lawrence