Bring Your Light

We think you have something great to offer the world—your truth, your light—and we want to help you find it and make it shine. That’s our focus. We are committed to challenging and illuminating educational experiences that give you the knowledge and tools to identify your truth and use it to impact the world. So, what are you waiting for? Get to know Lawrence now.


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Featured Videos

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A Conversation with Presidents Laurie A. Carter and Mark Burstein

Lawrence’s 16th and 17th presidents recently had the opportunity to spend time together on campus. They discussed everything from their hopes for Lawrence, to their personal and professional journeys. Learn more about Laurie A. Carter

We Are The Light!

Together, we are transforming student lives. Together, we are the light

Excellence in STEM

Lawrence’s momentum in the STEM fields is being fueled by a $1 million grant to help boost inclusive pedagogy.