Loren Dempster (He/Him/His)

Loren Dempster with his cello
Campus Address
Brokaw Hall
Room 219
Conservatory of Music
Instructor of Music

Loren Kiyoshi Dempster uses a combination of cello, computer, electronics, composition, improvisation, notated scores, movement, and world music influences to create, teach and perform music. He has created and performed music with many collaborators, including Jonah Bokaer, Harrison Atelier, BK Soul, and Lower Left.  He toured with Merce Cunningham Dance Company performing Interscape and Biped from 1999-2011. With Dahlia Nayar, he nationally toured 2125 Stanley Street from 2016-2017.  His recent compositions include Breathe, a critically acclaimed March 2019 water dance opera he co-directed with projectLIMB at Lawrence University Swimming Pool, Unquantifiable, a February 2019 dance theater performance with Chris Ferris and Dancers at Roulette in Brooklyn, NYC, and Circle, a home recorded 2020 Bandcamp album of experimentally tinged Singer Songwriter music.  In addition to his teaching at Lawrence University, Dempster is also a regular guest teaching artist at Renaissance School for the Arts.

Years at Lawrence