Versatility is a hallmark of the percussion program, and you'll explore classical, jazz, and many world music traditions.

Grow your artistry, build your technical facility, and expand your musical possibilities in a community of empowerment, collaboration, and support. Hone and challenge your performance skills with a diverse array of solo, chamber, and ensemble experiences. Dig into the transformational power of music through community outreach. Become the versatile and entrepreneurial musician the world needs. Where will your musical journey take you?

You'll have access to multiple classical, traditional, jazz, world music, and contemporary ensembles large and small.

You will work closely with exceptional faculty in lessons, ensembles, and performance.

Discover the many paths open to Conservatory graduates. 

Jean Carlo Ureña Gonzalez profile pic

Faculty Profile: Jean Carlo Ureña Gonzalez

"Everyone that comes into my lesson comes in like an open canvas and I need to figure out what that canvas needs." — Gonzalez

Drummer performing on stage with a spotlight shining

Studio Culture

The supportive and creative nature of the percussion studio encourages exploration through performance ensembles, improvisational groups, and one-on-one study. Discover a diverse curriculum spanning styles and techniques from all over the world, from traditional orchestral performance to contemporary improvisation. An individualized path of study allows you to focus on your interests while developing your own specializations for future study and musical careers. A broad range of professional-quality instruments and practice rooms are available to students for daily practice of both lesson materials and ensemble repertoire. 

Sambistas percussion rehearsal

A World of Musical Possibilities

Performance ensembles like Kinkaviwo, focusing on the music of the Ewe people of Ghana; Tambo Toké, an Afro-Cuban ensemble; the popular Brazilian Sambistas; and Balinese gamelan expand the musical world of Lawrentians.

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The Power of Collaboration

What happens when you combine a world-class conservatory with a world-class college? An unmatched undergraduate musical education. At Lawrence, the Conservatory and College experiences are intertwined. Multiple degree options let you be your own muse by connecting your musical passions with your academic interests. 

Large group of students, part of Lawrence University Percussion Ensemble, perform on stage.

Lawrentians Love LUPÉ

Lawrence University Percussion Ensemble (LUPÉ) is a versatile professional-level performing group. This award-winning ensemble blends many styles of percussion into performances at Lawrence and beyond. You also have ensemble opportunities with orchestras, jazz bands, and more. 


Featured performances

Spine - Lawrence University Percussion Ensemble

Spine by Michael Laurello
Lawrence University Percussion Ensemble
Dane Richeson, director

Fluisce - Erin Lesser and LUPÉ

"Fluisce" by Timothy Ferchen
Erin Lesser, flute
Lawrence University Percussion Ensemble
Dane Richeson, director

Lawrence University Percussion Ensemble

Showcase concert from a winning performance at the Percussive Arts Society World Percussion Ensemble Competition. 

The Lawrence Jazz Ensemble performs on the stage of Memorial Chapel.


Downbeat Awards for Jazz Ensemble

Lawrence's musicians have been consistently recognized by the prestigious Downbeat Awards.

On Any Given Day... an array of opportunities that await you at Lawrence University.


Find Your Voice at Lawrence

Lawrence Conservatory Voice Students share their connection with music and performance. From the stage to recording studio, students share how they find and develop their unique voice at Lawrence.

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Study Off Campus

IES Vienna, Austria

There's something for everyone with IES Vienna, from music to the humanities to social sciences. Music students can take part in the Music Performance Workshop and combine individual music instruction and music courses with German language courses.

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