*2024-2025 Information will be posted Spring/Summer 2024

Please find below important information regarding ensembles audition for Term 1, Term 2 and Term 3.

All BMus students and BA music major students are required to audition for large ensembles.

You will find the excerpt list and music in the ensemble audition webpage.

Auditions for large ensembles for Term 2 (winter) and Term 3 (spring), would take place at the end of the previous semester.  Material would be the same in each term. Date and time TBD.

BA students (minors or non-music majors) interested in auditioning for percussion and/or large ensembles should prepare a solo or etude of their choice that demonstrates their level of playing on snare drum, mallet keyboard, and timpani.  Non-major are welcome to prepare the excerpts listed on the ensemble audition website, but are not required to.

There may be sight-reading as part of the audition process, for both majors and non-majors.

If you are interested in participating in any of the non-western percussion groups, contact Dr. Ureña González at jeancarlo.urenagonzalez@lawrence.edu for a meeting and rhythmic ability assessment.

Ensemble assignments will be posted at the end of the audition day on the door of SHAT 025 (Dr. Ureña Gonzalez' office).



Jazz auditions are open to students of all years. There may be sight-reading of Big Band drum set charts.


There will be a mandatory studio meeting for all percussion students studying with Dr. Ureña Gonzalez and/or performing in the large ensembles at the beginning of term.   A form will be provided before the meeting for you to indicate your Term 1 lesson availability.

Please email me if you have any questions jeancarlo.urenagonzalez@lawrence.edu.  Looking forward to hearing you play!

For more information for new and returning students please visit the Percussion Department SharePoint Site (coming soon).