Voice Department Chair and Professor of Music

Karen Leigh-Post

Karen Leigh-Post, Professor of Music and Co-Chair of the Voice Department at Lawrence University Conservatory of Music, Wisconsin, earned the Doctor of Musical Arts degree under the tutelage of master teacher Shirlee Emmons who inspired her research in optimal performance. Internationally recognized as a pioneer in the application of cognitive neuroscience in the voice studio, Dr. Leigh-Post’s ground-breaking volume, Mind-Body Awareness for Singers: Unleashing Optimal Performance (Plural Publishing, 2014), is “highly recommended to scientists and singers” (Timothy Petersik, PhD) and is proclaimed to be a “significant contribution to the field — a must read for every singer and teacher of singing” (Constance Chase). Encouraged to “keep spreading the message,” her contribution to So You Want To Sing with Awareness (2020), The Brain, Music, and Optimal Performance, is “a fantastic chapter…rich and full of information…presented with clarity” (Susan Yarnall Monks, President EVTA).

Dr. Leigh-Post’s workshops and presentations, including those at multiple National Association of Teachers of Singing conferences and the International Congress of Voice Teachers, Australia, have been described as “whimsical, intelligent, practical and brilliantly communicated” (Pat Wilson) and “charming, amusing, but dispensing valuable information every second” (Shirlee Emmons).

Dr. Leigh-Post is delighted to have added the voice science and pedagogy curriculum to her responsibilities to compliment her long-standing passion for the applied voice studio.

As a performer, Karen Leigh is a two-time winner of both the District Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions and regional Outstanding Mezzo Award, and has sung various lead roles in the US and abroad. Critics described Ms. Leigh’s Carmen as “a very attractive heroine with a striking mezzo soprano” and commended the “well-formed supple lines of her Venus” (Tannhäuser), and her dramatic portrayal of Maria Callas (Master Class) was heralded as “brilliant in her depth of character.”

For more information, please visit http://faculty.lawrence.edu/leighpok

Contact by e-mail: karen.leigh-post@lawrence.edu

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Early in the Morning  by Ned Rorem

Anthony Padilla, piano
October 15, 2017


The Lordly Hudson by Ned Rorem

Anthony Padilla, piano
October 15, 2017