Visiting Assistant Professor of Music

Erica ScheinbergErica Scheinberg is Visiting Assistant Professor of Music at the Lawrence University Conservatory of Music, where she has taught since 2009 in the Department of Musicology and in the Freshman Studies program. Erica earned a bachelor’s degree in music from University of California, Berkeley, a PhD in Musicology from the University of California, Los Angeles, with a dissertation titled “Music and the Technological Imagination in the Weimar Republic: Media, Machines, and the New Objectivity.” She subsequently earned a Masters of Library and Information Science with a Certificate in Archives, Records Management, and Preservation from Queens College of the City University of New York.

As an instructor in the Conservatory, Erica has developed upper-level musicology seminars on a variety of topics: Cultural Histories of Sound Recording, The Sounds and Spaces of the 19th-Century European Public Concert, Music in the U.S., Transnational Popular Musics of Latin America, The Blues, and Authenticity and Artifice in Popular Music. With her husband Michael Mizrahi, Professor of Music in the Keyboard Department, she has co-taught The Eloquent Musician, a course that bridges musicology and musical performance, in which students research, write, and deliver onstage comments and pre-concert talks, develop interviewing strategies, and explore issues related to concert programming. Erica also teaches the core course Introduction to Musicologies, which replaced the old European classical music history survey course in 2018. In this new discussion-based course, students grapple with an assortment of music topics and case studies chosen collaboratively by the musicologists who created and teach the course.

At Lawrence, Erica has given many public talks and participated in panel discussions about music and other topics, including a series of lectures in conjunction with the documentary film series America’s Popular Music, guest lectures in courses in the History, Spanish, and German departments, and multiple presentations at Freshman Studies faculty symposia on the musical works The Rite of Spring and Kind of Blue. Since 2013 she has delivered onstage comments and presented pre-concert interviews for concerts on the New Music at Lawrence series. In 2020 she participated in several episodes of the piano-percussion quartet Yarn/Wire’s Feedback series, interviewing composers who had collaborated with the ensemble. She has presented academic papers at several national and international music conferences, including annual meetings of the American Musicological Society and the Society for American Music.

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