Whatever your health career career interests, faculty advisors from various disciplines can provide you with guidance and expertise to help you reach your goals. 

Advising Areas

  • Matt Ansfield: pre-med, physical therapy (PT) & occupational therapy (OT), psychiatry
  • Beth De Stasio, chair: pre-med, genetic counseling
  • Stefan Debbert: pre-med, PharmD, physician's assistant (PA)
  • Judith Humphries: pre-vet, global health
  • Mark Jenike: global & public health
  • Doug Martin: pre-med, pre-dentistry
  • Jesus Smith: pre-med, global & public health
  • Nancy Wall: pre-med, pre-nursing

Resources for Current Students

Are you a current health professions student looking for advising resources or workshops on applying to med school? Check out the Health Professions Canvas. If you cannot access the site, please contact Beth De Stasio at elizabeth.a.destasio@lawrence.edu.

Contact an Advisor

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Mark Jenike (he/him/his)

Associate Professor of Anthropology
I am a human biologist specializing in nutrition. I teach courses on health, human evolutionary biology, and nutritional anthropology. I enjoy community-based research in the Fox Valley region and have interests in diabetes prevention and food systems.
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Douglas Martin

Douglas S. Martin (he/him)

Associate Professor of Physics

I'm a biophysicist, working on understanding the basics of living systems using physics.  I spend most of my time on microscope development and on studying the skeleton of biological cells, both with a host of talented undergraduate researchers.  I teach classes across the physics curriculum, fro

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