Whatever your health career career interests, faculty advisors from various disciplines can provide you with guidance and expertise to help you reach your goals. 

Advising Areas

  • Matt Ansfield: pre-med, physical therapy (PT) & occupational therapy (OT), psychiatry
  • Beth De Stasio, chair: pre-med, genetic counseling
  • Stefan Debbert: pre-med, PharmD, physician's assistant (PA)
  • Judith Humphries: pre-vet, global health
  • Mark Jenike: global & public health
  • Doug Martin: pre-med, pre-dentistry
  • Jesus Smith: pre-med, global & public health
  • Nancy Wall: pre-med, pre-nursing

Contact an Advisor

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Mark Jenike (he/him/his)

Associate Professor of Anthropology
I am a human biologist specializing in nutrition. I teach courses on health, human evolutionary biology, and nutritional anthropology. I enjoy community-based research in the Fox Valley region and have interests in diabetes prevention and food systems.
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Douglas Martin

Douglas S. Martin (he/him)

Associate Professor of Physics

I'm a biophysicist, working on understanding the basics of living systems using physics.  I spend most of my time on microscope development and on studying the skeleton of biological cells, both with a host of talented undergraduate researchers.  I teach classes across the physics curriculum, fro

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Nancy A. Wall (she/her/hers)

Associate Professor of Biology

Teaching goals: My goals are: to create a classroom atmosphere where all students feel welcome; to impart and instill in students an enthusiasm for learning; to aid them in assimilating new knowledge and relating it to existing knowledge; to help students devel

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