Academic advising is an important part of your Lawrence education; in fact, it can play an important role in defining your education and even your life after Lawrence. 

As a student at Lawrence University, you are responsible for planning and pursuing your own educational program. You are able to make your own decisions and choose appropriate options. Your academic advisor will help guide you through these important tasks.

Your advisor can assist you in:

  • understanding the curriculum
  • identifying your strengths and weaknesses
  • setting your goals
  • effectively utilizing the resources of Lawrence

Building a strong relationship with your advisor helps you get the most out of your Lawrence education.

Types of Academic Advisors



New student registration advisors will assist you with class registration during the summer before you start at Lawrence University. 

Pre-major advisor

Before you arrive for Welcome Week, you’ll be assigned a pre-major advisor in your degree program. Double-degree students will be assigned to two advisors, one for each degree. You'll meet with them for the first time during Welcome Week. Your pre-major advisor will help guide you through the liberal arts education at Lawrence, discuss your interests and goals, assist with course registration, and help you adjust to college-level academic expectations. Because the pre-major advisor is here to help you explore your interests and understand the general curriculum, pre-major faculty advisors come from all areas of the College and Conservatory. It is unlikely that your pre-major advisor will come from the department/area in which you are considering a major, unless you are a Conservatory student or transfer student who has already completed at least a year of college. You will continue to work with your pre-major advisor until you officially declare a major.

Major advisor

You will transition to a faculty advisor within your declared major by the end of your sophomore year (ideally before spring registration begins). Your major advisor will continue to help you reflect upon your interests and goals, while also offering support for course planning in the major. You will have a faculty advisor for every major that you declare. 

Navigate Student is a mobile app and web application used at Lawrence University to schedule appointments with academic advisors, counselors, and specialists from other areas, get access to planning tools and resources for academic success.

When your registration window opens, you'll be able to register for classes through Lawrence's new registration portal.  Check out our video tutorials to help you get registered.

Meet Your Major Events - Winter 2024

Winter Term is the best time for undeclared students to explore to explore all the majors, minors, and interdisciplinary areas that Lawrence offers. We encourage you to check out any of the "Meet Your Major" events below before Major Declaration Day on February 15!

  • Wednesday, January 10 (4:30-6 pm) - The Science Commons, Youngchild 121 - Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream with Chemistry and Biochemistry. Come eat liquid nitrogen ice cream, talk to faculty and students from the Chemistry and Biochemistry programs, and maybe have a surprise or two. This event is a great chance to learn more about the major or get to know the other students in your classes or the faculty who teach them.
  • Tuesday, January 16 (11:30 am-1 pm) - Warch Campus Center Tables, 3rd floor - Teacher Certification & Education Studies. Students in any major can get certified to teach in K-12 schools. Talk to a member of the education faculty about your interest in teacher certification or the minor in education studies.
  • Wednesday, January 17 (12:20-1:40 pm) - Briggs 223 - Econ Recon and Pizza. Please join us to learn more about the Economics major from professors and current students! The Economics Department will provide pizza, snacks, and drinks.
  • Friday, January 19 (12:30-1:30 pm) - Warch Campus Center Tables, 2nd floor - What Can I do with a Major or Minor in French and Francophone Studies? Come meet French and Francophone Studies faculty and students to learn about the intellectual, cultural, international, and professional opportunities that this major offers!
  • Friday, January 19 (12:30-1:30 pm) - Warch Campus Center Tables, 2nd floor - Why Global Studies? Come meet Global Studies faculty and majors and learn about the interdisciplinary, multilingual opportunities that await you!
  • Friday, January 19 (4-6 pm) - Harper Lobby, Music-Drama Building - Meet Your Major (BA – Music Edition). For all recently and soon-to-be declared BA - Music Majors: please come celebrate, join in fun activities, hear from experienced BAMM students, and get your questions answered! There will be snacks.
  • Sunday, January 21 (7 pm) – Youngchild 215 - Mystery Geoscience Theater 4K. Join the geoscience faculty, LUGS (Lawrence University Geological Society), and other Earthlings for a night of bad disaster films and popcorn.
  • Tuesday, January 23 (4:30PM) - Strange Commons, Main Hall - Gender Studies Pizza Party. Interested in Gender Studies? Like pizza? We have an event for you!! The GEST faculty are hosting a pizza party for all current and potential Gender Studies students.
  • Wednesday, January 24 (12:30 pm) - Youngchild 231 - Environmental Studies and Science Info Session with Pizza. Come learn about the environmental studies and science majors. This is an opportunity to meet students and faculty in these two majors, learn about our classes, and have casual conversations about some of the exciting research projects our students and faculty are working on. Pizza will be served.
  • Wednesday, January 24 (12:20-1 pm) - Esch studio, 2nd floor, Warch Campus Center - Dance Lunch Date. Come lunch with Dance professors Mauriah and Margaret in Esch studio to learn more about the "Dance: Embodied Collaborative Practice" minor. Bring your own bag lunch. We will chat, eat, and enjoy the beautiful view of the river and any birds who fly by.
  • Wednesday, January 24 (4:30 pm) - Wriston Art Center Lobby - Experiencing and Reading Art in the Lawrence Collection: Studio Art, Art History, and Museum Studies. Studio Art, Art History, and Museum Studies will unite for a little show and tell in the print room to showcase what is explored in each area.
  • Monday, January 29 (4:30 pm) - Strange Commons, Main Hall - What is German Cultural Studies? Are you interested the language and cultures of the German-speaking countries? Come meet faculty and students from the department to learn about our approach to German Studies, what you can expect in our courses, and how a major or minor in German Studies might be right for you. 
  • Tuesday, January 30 (4:30-5:30 pm) - Pusey Room, Warch Campus Center - Tasty Treats with LinguisticsStop by to meet the Linguistics faculty and students and find out about the Linguistics major/minor and the Teaching ESL minor. We'll invite everyone to share a favorite language phenomenon, and we'll have brownies, fruit, and drinks to enjoy.
  • Wednesday, January 31 (12:30-1:15 pm) - Briggs 420 - Business, Entrepreneurship and Pizza Info Session. Please join the faculty of the Business & Entrepreneurship program for a pizza lunch. Learn more about the core courses of the B & E major, the focus areas, internship opportunities, and paths to future careers in for-profit and non-for profit businesses. 
  • Friday, February 2 (4:45-6 pm) - Cloak Theater, Music-Drama Center - Theatre Arts: SCAVENGER HUNT-BINGO (… and pizza!). Explore the Theatre Arts major and Dance minor as you search for clues among the people, theatres, and design studios in the Music-Drama Center. Lively conversation with new collaborators and pizza are your first rewards for exploring how theatre majors and faculty bring passion to life on stage each term. And as a theatre major your life-long reward is the thrill of knowing you can contribute to committed explorations of our communities and ourselves.
  • Monday, February 5 (1-4 pm) - Warch Center Tables, 2nd floor - Hands-on with the History Major. Explore the opportunities available to the history major. Meet faculty and current majors. Get your questions answered.
  • Monday, February 5 (6:30-8pm) - Pusey Room, Warch Campus Center - Philosophy Game Night. Play philosophy themed board games with the student philosophy club. Enjoy hearty refreshments. Learn about the philosophy major and how it can enhance other areas you might choose to major in!
  • Wednesday, February 7 (12:30-1pm) - Steitz 202 - Overview of Biology Major. Judith Humphries will give a brief overview of the major and be available to answer any questions you might have.
  • Wednesday, February 7 (4:30-6pm) - Briggs 326 - Anthropology Social and Pizza Info Session. Learn how Anthropology prepares students for excellent jobs and opens doors to various career paths, by providing global information and the skills critical for succeeding in business, research, teaching, advocacy, and public service. Socialize with current Anthropology majors and minors.
  • Wednesday, February 7 (4:30-5:30 pm) - Briggs 419 - Information Session: Majoring in Mathematics and Computer Science. If you are thinking of majoring in mathematics or computer science, come meet with faculty and current students for information and conversation.
  • Monday, February 12 (12:30-1:30) - Briggs 317 - Pizza and Psychology. Please join the psychology faculty for a pizza lunch to learn more about the major.
  • Monday, February 12 (12:30-1:30) - Briggs 206 - Meet the Government and International Relations MajorsJoin Government students and faculty over pizza to learn about our department's two majors, Government and International Relations. Find out what each path looks like and hear from senior students about their interests.
  • Tuesday, February 13 (12:30-1:30 pm) - Main Hall 404 - Make Your Own Anti-Nightmare Talisman with the East Asian Studies Major. We will make anti-nightmare talismans based on a 17th-century Chinese instruction manual. East Asian Studies faculty will also be on hand to answer questions about the East Asian Studies major.
  • Tuesday, February 13 (11:30-1:00 pm) - Sampson House 1st floor (the house next to Youngchild) - Meet the English Majors: Creative Writing, Literature, and Pizza. Come enjoy a pizza lunch with Professors and current majors in both Creative Writing and Literature. You’ll have a chance to get some English department swag and learn more about both Creative Writing and Literature, as well as how these majors work together to form an exciting foundation for your life after Lawrence.

Find your advisor

You can find your assigned advisor(s) in Degree Works. Your advisor assignment(s) will be listed in the top section of your degree audit. Assignments for new students will appear in late summer.

Spring Registration & Advising Holds 

Each Spring Term, you will register for classes for all three terms of the following academic year. Be sure to meet with your advisor as you plan your future class schedule, as you will also need your advisor to release your "advising hold" in Voyager before registering for classesThe advising hold is a way to make sure you receive the appropriate guidance before you register for classes.

Placement Exams


If you are interested in taking calculus classes at Lawrence, students must take our math placement assessment (ALEKS Placement Assessment). This official assessment will be conducted and proctored in-person once students arrive to campus, but new students should take an initial, unproctored Placement Assessment online before registering for classes this summer. This initial Placement Assessment helps gives you a sense of where you currently stand and gets you access to the ALEKS Prep and Learning Module. The Prep and Learning Module is an individualized, self-paced, online review available upon completion of the first Placement Assessment for students to refresh their knowledge on forgotten topics and learn new concepts

World Languages

If you plan to take a world language at Lawrence, you should take a placement exam to help determine your initial class placement.  This is especially important if you have already studied the language or speak the language at home, as a 101-level class might not end up being the best fit for your language level. 


The introductory chemistry sequence at Lawrence includes CHEM 115 and 116. Students with experience in IB/AP chemistry, or with other strong chemistry backgrounds, may consider starting the introductory sequence at Chem 116. Students that wish to place out of 115 and proceed to 116 must take an online chemistry placement exam.


The introductory biology sequence at Lawrence includes BIOL 130/131 and BIOL 150. Students who have earned AP or IB credit in biology are exempt from the BIOL 130 & BIOL 131 course, but not the other introductory courses. Students also can take a departmental exemption exam for either BIOL 130 and/or BIOL 150 if they feel well qualified based on previous coursework. Contact the program chair, Judith Humphries (, for more information.

Music Theory

The Music Theory Placement Exam is required of any student who wishes to enroll in the Music Theory Sequence. This includes entering B.Mus. students (including transfers) as well as B.A. - Music students and other music-interested students who seek in-depth study of these disciplines. The Placement Exam will be used to place you into one of four sections of first-year Theory & Analysis and Aural Skills courses, and into one of five sections of first-year Sight Singing courses. You must complete the exam in order to receive placement and register for any courses in the Music Theory Sequence. The Music Theory Placement Exam will be open between July 17 and August 20.


Important Resources

Majors, Minors, & Programs
Find more information about our areas of study including their requirements. You can contact department chairs and program directors for specific questions. You will also find program-specific advising resources linked under "Additional Resources" at the very bottom of program pages. 

Declare a Major/Minor/Interdisciplinary Area
Use this form to declare a major, minor, and/or interdisciplinary area. Students should declare a major by the end of their sophomore year, but ideally before spring registration begins.

Change your Academic Advisor
Use this form to change advisors after declaring a major. You can also use this form to change academic advisors at any time, provided you have consent from the new advisor. 

Class Schedule
This helps you plan your schedule and be prepared ahead of your advising meetings.

Course Catalog
This is the official record of Lawrence’s requirements. It has full information about requirements and academic procedures and regulations.

Academic Procedures, Regulations, and Forms
This page provides an overview of key academic procedures (e.g., dropping a course, requesting an incomplete, withdrawing from Lawrence, etc.).

Registration Schedule
This page provides an overview of key registration periods for the 2023-2024 academic year.

What Can I Do With This Major?
Explore common career paths, types of employers that hire in the field, and strategies to maximize opportunities

Career Center
Learn more about connecting your academic interests to your career goals. Find support for internships, job searches, and more.

Center for Academic Success
Discover a wide array of support and services including academic skills classes, tutoring, accessibility, and more.

Questions or Concerns?

For any additional questions or concerns, please contact Jacklyn John Fischer, Director of Academic Advising.


Be sure to refer to the Academic Advising SharePoint site for the Advising Handbook and advising resources.