A problem. A question. A theory. An idea.

Each can be the spark that illuminates discovery through research. You may have some of these sparks within you already—or you may simply be eager to see what happens when your curiosity meets with opportunity.

As a Lawrence University Research Fellow, you will have the opportunity to participate in student-faculty collaborative research, whether it’s with our professors here on campus or with one of our collaborating off-campus programs around the world.

We take learning—and research—personally at Lawrence and are eager to see how you answer some of life’s most persistent questions:
Why does this matter? How does this work? Where will this lead?


A student conducts research in a forest


These questions take Lawrentians to places like the Irish Field School of Prehistoric Archeology to study ancient societies, the Andes to investigate climate change, Transylvania to perform skeletal analysis, and our own physics laboratory to create lasers out of sound waves. Our brilliant faculty, partnerships with schools and programs in several different countries and generous funding opportunities mean that when it comes to research, the world is yours to explore. 




Lawrentians can participate in intensive 10-week summer research projects collaborating with Lawrence faculty members. There are also off-campus opportunities  where Lawrence alumni and other friends of Lawrence open their labs to Lawrence students (housing stipend included)..

Andrew Knudsen leads class discussion

Here's a small selection of the big ideas Lawrentians have investigated:


Badass Warrior Women in South America: The Enriching Possibilities of Mobile Translation

Gene Regulation in the Immune System of the Freshwater Snail Biomphalaria Glabrata

The Cheerio Effect: When It’s Too Small to Eat

How Angiopoietin Effects Cancer Cell Growth

Determining the Function of the Scyba Gene in Embryonic Development of Zebrafish (Danio Rerio)

A New Pair of Genes: The Conservation of Endocytic Genes Between S. Pombe and S. Cerevisiae

Using Sound to Create a Pulsed Laser

The Effects of Antibodies in the Snail

Impulsivity Measurement in Abstinent Methamphetamine Dependent Individuals Through Probability and Delay Discounting Tasks

Chemical Analysis of Supplements

Religion and Comics

Self-Regulation in Preschoolers

Institutional Review Board

The purpose of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) is to safeguard the rights and welfare of human subjects involved in research activities conducted at or sponsored by Lawrence University. Find out more.

Research fellowships offer you an opportunity to explore, engage and unearth. They let you put into practice the concepts you’ve learned and wrestled with throughout the school year and allow you to collaborate with professors, peers and professionals. It’s an opportunity for you to show the world something new, an opportunity for you to shine your light on subjects in innovative ways.

What will you shine light on?