Students at Lawrence can earn academic honors in several ways, from appearing on the annual Dean’s List to completing an honors project to receiving honors at graduation. Excellence in academic achievement is also recognized by awards and prizes and election to academic honor societies.

A student writes in a notebook during an outdoor lab session.

The Dean's List

The Dean’s List is an annual honor roll of students demonstrating exemplary academic performance.

Imani Williams poses for a photo in front of large windows in the Warch Campus Center.

Honors at Graduation

The faculty of Lawrence University grants honors at graduation both to encourage and recognize superior academic performance. Honors in Course and Honors in Independent Study are two distinctive academic achievements. 

You may earn Honors in Independent Study through the successful completion and defense of an honors project. 

A philosophy class sits in a circle on the grass of Main Hall Green as Ingrid Albrach teaches. Memorial Chapel is in the background.

Academic Honor Societies

Honor societies recognize academic excellence and leadership amongst Lawrentians.