Weave the strands of your experience at Lawrence into a finished whole.

During your senior year, you will embark on an independent project that reflects your values and interests, and draws on what you have learned in your major. Your Chandler Senior Experience could be a research project, a creative work, a performance, or something uniquely you. Even as you work independently, faculty mentors are there to guide you as you show off all you’ve learned.

Let yourself shine. 

Discover how past Lawrentians shined their light during their Senior Experience.

Madeline Schubert in a lab wearing a lab coat

Solving a genetic mystery

Biology major Madeline Schubert sequenced her own genes and hunted for mutations to solve the mystery of what causes her Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.

Rehanna Rexroat plays violin

Her song

Violinist Rehanna Rexroat commissioned Aakash Mittal, a renowned Indian American saxophonist and composer, to compose a piece for her recital honoring her Pakistani grandmother.

Graduate clapping at Commencement

Economics + Environment

Economics and math major Doan Thu Thuy Nguyen studied the trade-offs between bringing electricity to more people and impacts on air quality in her home country of Vietnam.

Unpenned: a Collaborative Senior Recital

Emily Austin '21 double-majored in English and Performance, working across the college and conservatory to craft a collaborative Senior Recital. She connected with faculty, students, alumni and members of the local community to bring her personal vision to life.

Funding Forms for Current Students & Faculty

Students can apply for up to $3,000 to support an ambitious or distinctive Senior Experience or honors project. To apply, fill out the application form and have your project advisor fill out the recommendation form. If you receive funding, you must submit a report before graduation.

Questions? Contact Nancy Wall, Associate Dean of the Faculty.


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