There is no “right” way to study abroad, there is only your way. 

Off-campus study at Lawrence is designed to be an essential part of your learning experience. The chance to immerse yourself in a culture, gain global perspective first hand, and further your studies beyond campus is a life-changing opportunity. 

No matter your major or schedule, Lawrence aims to make it easy to find a program that works for you. With over 50 programs in 30 countries to choose from (including Lawrence’s own signature programs in London and Senegal), you can craft an adventure all your own.

Schuyler Thornton '14 holds her flute as she poses for a photo.

Alumni Perspective

“A lot of schools make it nearly impossible to study abroad as a music student, but Lawrence made it so easy. It ignited my love for travel and gave me the confidence and independence to travel solo, something I frequently do on tour while sightseeing.”

Schuyler Thornton ’14, Flutist, Les Misérables Broadway Tour
Music Performance (Flute), Government
Morristown, New Jersey

Your financial aid travels with you, and additional scholarships are available.

With options for every major and every schedule, find the right fit for your Lawrence experience.

Speak to an advisor to learn more about studying abroad from the Office of Off-Campus Programs.

Busy street outside the London Centre

Putting the experience in experiential learning

Take part in one of Lawrence’s signature programs with The London Centre. Live, study, and learn in one of the world's great cities. Lawrence faculty run programs on the term schedule to make a world-class study abroad experience even simpler.

Off-Campus Programs 

Looking for degree programs? Check out all majors and minors. Please note that you can sort the off-campus programs below by major or interest area. Simply type the keyword in the Search bar (e.g., "Biology", "Music Repertoire-Perf Study").

Maddy Tevonian profile

Student Perspective

“I did some study abroad experience in the fall of last year. I was in India living in a monastery studying Buddhism for three months, and that was amazing and life-changing. I was talking to people every day doing fieldwork and learning about religion and culture and art, and I was like, ‘This is what I need to do for the rest of my life.’”

Maddy Tevonian ’24
Religious Studies
Wilmette, Illinois

Wes Varughese ’16 (left) and Jonathan Rubin ’19 reconnected on the Ghana trip.



Lawrence-funded scholarships help make your study abroad dreams a reality.