We want to make studying off-campus as worry-free as possible. That is why when you choose to participate in one of our affiliated off-campus programs your financial aid will travel with you helping to pay for the costs of the program.

In addition, Off-Campus Programs offers a scholarship to students planning to study abroad.

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Understanding Costs

Off-Campus Program costs can be broken down into three parts: tuition, program fee, additional costs. For the cost of any particular program, please visit that program's website. Links are provided via our program pages.

  • Tuition - Lawrence University students participating in Lawrence-approved off-campus programs will be billed as follows:
    • Regular Lawrence University tuition for programs equal in length to a Lawrence University term
    • OCP’s semester tuition rate for programs longer than 12 weeks. 
    • Note: If the program tuition is higher than the applicable Lawrence term or off-campus semester tuition, the student will be billed the difference. 
  • Program Fee - In addition to tuition, and in lieu of on-campus room and board, Lawrence University students will be billed the program fee assessed by the off-campus program they are attending.  The program fee typically covers all or a portion of housing and food expenses and may include costs for local transportation, excursions, etc.
  • Additional Costs - These may include application fees, confirmation deposits, airline tickets, health insurance, etc. Further information is available on each program's website, linked via our program pages.

Questions about Cost?

Let us help! Make an appointment with an OCP advisor. We can help you understand the costs, billing, and funding options for programs.


Upon acceptance into any program, you will need to pay a one-time confirmation deposit. This is to hold your space in the program. Unlike tuition and program fees, the confirmation deposit will be billed directly to you, the student. For programs like the London Centre and Senegal, which are run by Lawrence University, you will be able to pay your confirmation deposit through Voyager. For all other programs, you will be billed directly by the program provider.

Tuition and program fees will be billed through your student account.

Scholarships and Funding

OCP Scholarship

All students applying to an approved Off-Campus Program, such as any of our affiliated programs, the London Centre, or Senegal, are encouraged to apply for an Off-Campus Program Scholarship. These scholarships are supported through the generous donation of individuals and groups and awarded to applicants based on their eligibility and financial need.

Program-Specific Funding

Many program providers offer students their own scholarships and aid. Check with your program’s provider to see if you are eligible to apply for any scholarships directly through them.

Outside Scholarships

There are many outside sources of funding for study abroad applicants, and with a little bit of research you may find the perfect one.