When looking to apply to the London Centre, think ahead! Whether you are planning to apply for Fall, Winter, or Spring Term of any given year, applications are due in the Winter Term prior to the year you plan to travel. 


  • The London Centre is open to students who will have sophomore, junior, senior, or even super senior status at the time of study.
  • Students must be in good academic standing and able to pass a conduct review.

Application Requirements

The application for the London Centre is fairly straightforward. You will be walked through the process once you open an online application in our Off-Campus Programs Application System. The application consists of the following parts:

  • Waiver forms and agreements
  • An academic plan - Where you will enter the classes your intend to take
  • Request a transcript
  • Academic essay
  • Goals essay
  • Faculty advisor recommendation
  • Academic recommendation

For more information on what the different application components entail, go to our SharePoint Application Information page. There you will find detailed information on what is required including essay writing tips.

Review Timeline

Students typically receive a decision on their application in early to mid-April.

Deposits and Commitment

Within 10-14 days of acceptance into the London Centre program, you will be required to make a $300 deposit via Voyager to secure your spot on the London Centre program. This indicates your commitment to go off-campus.


Fixed and estimated costs are listed in the tables below. Please note that some out-of-pocket costs, such as airfare, passport, and visa fees (if applicable), are incurred well before the start of the participation term and financial aid funding is unlikely to be available for these costs.

Estimated personal expenses anticipates costs for participating in the life of London, independent travel periodically on weekends and during the mid-term break, personal costs, and costs for having a mobile phone able to make and receive calls and texts in the UK and during travel. These out-of-pocket estimates are intended only as guidelines as these costs can vary greatly depending on individual spending habits, the amount of additional travel one chooses to pursue, and currency exchange rates.

Most students will NOT require a visa to study on the London Centre program. If you are not planning on participating in an internship AND you possess a U.S. passport, then you will not need a visa for this program. If you are planning on doing an internship OR if you are a non-U.S. passport holder, then you will likely be required to pay costs associated with acquiring a U.K. student visa. Please contact the Off-Campus Programs office if you have questions on this.

* Please note, if you are planning on applying for an internship, you will need to budget approximately $600 to cover the cost of the required visa.

Your Financial Aid Applies!

If you receive financial aid to attend Lawrence, then you can use that financial aid to apply to the costs of the London Centre program. Contact the Financial Aid office for more information.

Fixed/Billed - 2024-25

Description Fee
LU Tuition $18,890
Program Fee $2,108
International Insurance (estimate) $153.75
Total $21,151.75

Out-of-Pocket Expenses - Estimates

Description Estimated Cost
Airfare $900-$1,500*
Meals $1,300
Personal Expenses $1,700
Student Visa (if needed) $0-626

* This range is just an estimate! Many factors influence flight costs, including time of year traveling, time of year ticket purchased, class of seat, baggage checked, and airlines being utilized, not to mention where you are flying from in the United States. We recommend you shop around and make the choice that is right for you!