All students applying to an approved Off-Campus Program, such as any of our affiliated programs, the London Centre, or Senegal, are encouraged to apply for an Off-Campus Program Scholarship. These scholarships are supported through the generous donation of individuals and groups and awarded to applicants based on their eligibility and financial need.

Off-Campus Programs Scholarship - Application Now Open  

Applications for the 2024-2025 academic year will be due April 5, 2024.

Applications will be reviewed and evaluated based upon need.  Need will be determined based upon the student’s demonstrated need as determined by the Financial Aid office, the costs of the program in which they will be participating, and a statement submitted with the application. By submitting the application form (on the following page), the student understands that the Office of Financial Aid will access this information and that this will be used in the application review process. All applicants should demonstrate unmet financial need by completing their FAFSA information.

Post-Program Impact Statement

Upon completion of a successful off-campus program, scholarship recipients will be required to submit a detailed and thoughtful impact statement about their experiences upon their return to campus.

Did you know?

Some departments offer their own scholarships for study abroad. For example, the Anthropology Department offers the The Ronald J. and Carol I. Mason Excellence in Anthropology Fund. Check with your department to see if they offer major-specific scholarships that may apply to you.