Four pictures in a collage. Palmyra Atoll by K. Mahorney, Acropolis in Athens by M. Warren, Big Ben at night by A. Rasmussen and White Cliffs of Dover (kids with legs in air) by E. Anderson
From 2022 photo contest: Palmyra Atoll by K. Mahorney, Acropolis in Athens by M. Warren, Big Ben in London at Night by A. Rasmussen, and White Cliffs of Dover by E. Anderson.

Application Deadlines for Off-Campus Study in 2024-2025

  • November 7, 2023 - Japan Study and Oxford University applications due
  • Extended February 5, 2024 - All affiliated program applications due (except Japan Study and Oxford)
  • February 20, 2024 - London Centre applications due
  • April 1, 2024 - Spring 2025 Senegal applications due
  • April 12, 2024 - OCP Scholarship application due
  • The Off-Campus Programs application including completed recommendations must be submitted one month before the program provider's deadline for Spring semester applications. 

Don't Forget the Program Provider Application!

Have you applied for an affiliated program for 2024-2025? If so, don't forget that you will need to complete the program provider's application as well. You can find the link to those applications through the program's website page (linked from our Approved Programs list). If you have any questions, please contact


  • Any student who will have sophomore status at the time of their off-campus program is invited to apply. Please note that some programs may impose their own class standing requirements.
  • Students must be in good academic standing and able to pass a conduct review. Additionally, students on academic or disciplinary probation in the term prior to their program will not be allowed to participate regardless of their standing at the time of application.
  • Student's proposed off-campus program must not stand in the way of student's degree progression.
  • Student must show academic preparedness for program; any pre-requisites must be met.

Applying to Off-Campus Programs

  • Go to the Off-Campus Programs Application System and complete an application. You will need your LU credentials to log on to the site. You can save and return to your application as often as needed before submitting.
  • For more information on what the different application components entail, go to our SharePoint Application Information page.
  • Most programs require a second application through the third-party program provider. Deadlines vary by program. More information can be found through the programs' information pages (linked from our Approved Programs list).
  • London Centre and Senegal programs only require one application - as they are Lawrence-run programs.

Take an inside look at the Lawrence OCP application

Curious to know what the Lawrence Off-Campus Programs application looks like before you open one? Go to our Application Information page on our SharePoint site.