The Chandler Senior Experience at Lawrence is supported by a generous bequest from George and Marjorie Chandler, class of 1951 and 1944, who valued their Lawrence education and sought to encourage the next generation of leaders, scholars, and creative artists.

What is the Senior Experience?

Senior Experience is the culmination of a Lawrence education, a way for students to integrate knowledge and skills developed through years of study, demonstrate proficiency in their major fields, and develop scholarly or artistic independence.  Every graduating senior produces something significant — an independent or collaborative project, major seminar paper, portfolio, performance, or exhibition — to satisfy criteria for the major set by faculty of that department or program.  The Senior Experience is thus unique to each student yet universal to students across the university.

Planning a Senior Experience

Every major has a Senior Experience requirement described in the Course Catalog.  Juniors should discuss with their academic advisors how they plan to fulfill the requirement for graduation.  Students who are pursuing a scholarly or creative project may qualify for Senior Experience funding (see the sidebar for how to apply).

Submitting Your Senior Experience Title

Senior Experience titles appear in the Commencement program.  Graduating seniors are asked to submit their titles as part of the graduation application process.  See the Registrar's Help for Students for more information.

Additional funding for Senior Experience is provided by:
Barbara Peterson Fund for Senior Experience in the Social Sciences
Thomas A. Steitz Nobel Fund for Senior Experience in the Natural Sciences

Project Funding

Students can apply for up to $3,000 to support an ambitious or distinctive Senior Experience or honors project. To apply, fill out the application form and have your project advisor fill out the recommendation form.

SE Application Form (docx)

SE Recommendation Form (docx)

Questions? Contact Peter Blitstein, Associate Dean of the Faculty.

Project Reports

If you received funding, you must submit a report using the form below. Reports are due before graduation.

SE Report Form (docx)