There are different types of aid you may be eligible for, such as merit-based aid, scholarships, grants, and loans. Find out by submitting your FAFSA and any additional financial aid documents we require. 

Click the one that is applicable to you. You will find important information on your financial aid such as a step-by-step financial aid checklist that helps you keep track of what you need to complete and priority dates.

Prospective Students

Prospective students are students applying to Lawrence and planning to attend Lawrence in the future.

Current Students

Current students are students who are already enrolled at Lawrence. 

How Your Financial Need is Determined

If your family is like most, you will draw upon a combination of savings, assets, and current income to finance your education. Lawrence University also expects that you will contribute at least $2,000 per year from earnings during summer and/or winter break. However, we understand that for many people, these resources are not enough to cover the entire cost of a Lawrence education. Our need-based financial aid program can assist in making a Lawrence education affordable.

We use data from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), the Supplemental Financial Aid Application, and federal tax returns to determine the ability of your family to contribute toward your college expenses.