You are responsible for understanding the financial aid terms and conditions for your award.

All awards, unless noted otherwise, are based on full-time, full-year enrollment.

Disbursement of Awards

Disbursement of scholarship, grant, and loan funds are usually divided equally among the three terms. (This does not include Federal Work-Study and Campus Employment awards.) Grant and loan funds awarded by private donors are not applied to your account until the money is received by Lawrence.

Other Awards

Federal regulations (34 CFR 673.5(b)—if you’re looking for a scintillating read) require us to take into account any resources we know about or can anticipate you receiving when we award and disburse financial aid. If you receive monetary awards from sources other than Lawrence University, you must notify the Office of Financial Aid of the details of the outside award. We will adjust your aid package to reflect the outside award. Awards from outside sources have no effect on Lawrence University gift aid (merit or need-based), unless the total amount of Lawrence gift aid and outside resources exceeds the total cost of attendance. (If that’s the case, congratulations: you’re a star. Your Lawrence scholarship will also be reduced so that you’re not actually profiting financially from attending college—you will, of course, profit philosophically, but that’s for another discussion.)

Reconsideration of Aid

We will reconsider a financial aid package only if you present new information that was not available at the time you submitted your aid application. It should be understood that any possible increase in aid must be related to the availability of Lawrence resources. Lawrence does not "negotiate" financial aid awards. A student must first accept Federal Direct Student Loans offered to them before being considered for additional Lawrence grant aid.

Prorated Tuition & Financial Aid

Under the following situations, students may be eligible for prorated tuition and financial aid:

  1. Documented medical reasons approved by the Center for Academic Success
  2. If a student has completed 12 terms (BA or BMus) or 15 terms (double-degree)
  3. If a student who transferred to Lawrence has completed the equivalent to 12 terms (credits transferred + terms completed at LU)
  4. If a student has transferred in 15 units or more of AP and/or IP credit:
    1. 15-29 units: the student would be eligible for prorated tuition in the last term of enrollment (e.g. 12th term of a 4-year program)
    2. 30-44 units: the student would be eligible for prorated tuition in the last two terms of enrollment (e.g. 11th and 12th terms of a 4-year program)
    3. 45 units or more: the student would be eligible for prorated tuition after completing 9 terms of a 12-term degree program

Renewal of Lawrence Scholarships

If you receive an Academic or Music Scholarship from Lawrence, your scholarship will renew each year (up to four years for BA and BMus students, and five years for double-degree) as long as you are enrolled at Lawrence and in good academic standing.

General Conditions Applicable to All Financial Aid Recipients

Need-based financial aid is based on the premise that the student and the student's parent(s) have primary responsibility for financing a college education. When available resources are not sufficient to cover these costs, a variety of financial aid programs are made available to bridge the existing gap. For most students, this is accomplished through a combination of scholarship, grant, loan and work.

General conditions:

  1. Unless otherwise noted, the financial aid award is based on full-time enrollment for a full academic year. Students who enroll less than full-time or for less than a full academic year will receive an adjustment to their award.
  2. Financial aid for students participating in an affiliated off-campus program will not change. However, the charges for tuition, room, board, and fees will differ from a term on campus in Appleton. Please consult with the Financial Aid Office or Off-Campus Program Office staff.
  3. Students are eligible for 12 terms of financial aid and are responsible to ensure they are making satisfactory progress toward a degree as outlined in the Lawrence University course catalog. Double-degree (BA and BMus) students are eligible for 15 terms of aid.
  4. Students are expected to apply for all available financial aid, including federal and state aid and student loans. The University will not provide additional Lawrence grant assistance for students who do not accept aid for which they are eligible (this includes Federal Direct student loans).
  5. The Office of Financial Aid reserves the right on behalf of the university to review, adjust, or cancel an award at any time because of changes in your financial or academic status.
  6. Confirmed offers of aid will be made only once a student's financial aid application file is complete. To be considered complete, a file must contain the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and if selected for verification by the U.S. Department of Education, federal verification worksheet, federal tax returns and W-2s for the parent(s) and the student (and student's spouse when applicable), as well as any additional requested documentation. Until the Office of Financial Aid has received and reviewed these documents, all awards are tentative.