Financial Aid Voyager Proxy Access

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What is the Voyager?

Your Voyager account is where you can view your financial aid. Voyager is also the student portal for many other online transactions and information.

In order for others to view your financial aid information in Voyager, you will need to set up Voyager proxy access to grant another person (parent, guardian, etc.) your confidential Voyager record.  An authorized user is only allowed to access the specific information that you have granted them rights to view.

Can I give my parents or another user access to my financial aid information?

Yes. You can grant another person (parent, guardian, etc.) access to your confidential financial aid records in Voyager. Proxies can be granted access to view financial aid requirements, financial aid awards by year, and/or cost of attendance information. Granting proxy access will also give the Financial Aid Office permission to discuss these matters by email or phone with the person you give proxy access to. 

Student Instructions for Setting up a Proxy

Parent Instructions for Proxy

Why can’t I use the same email address for my mom and dad or other proxies?

The unique identifier for the proxy in Voyager Proxy is the email address. An email address can only be associated with one person.

If my proxy forgets their password, how do they get a new one?

In your proxy’s profile tab, click the Reset Password arrow. This will immediately send an email to your proxy, with the login instructions and temporary password. An email will also be sent to your LU email address.

I am selecting items I want my proxy to see, but where is the save button?

The functionality on the Authorization tab, where you select the items that you want your proxy to see, saves your selection immediately upon each click. There is no save button.

Does setting up a financial aid proxy give them permission to access my student account & billing information?

No, it does not give them access to your student account information (viewing your billing statements, recent payments, charges on the student account, and making online payments).

If you would like to set up an authorized user for your student account, instructions on how to set this up can be found here.

Will my proxy be notified if I modify or remove authorization to view my information?

There is no automatic notification sent to your proxy when you modify the items on the Authorization tab. If you want to notify them of any changes, click Email Authorizations in the Authorization tab.

I no longer want my proxy to have any access to my information. What do I do?

Access to information can be removed by changing the stop date on the Profile tab, or you can remove all checkmarks on the Authorization tab.

I only want my proxy to have access for a particular time frame. Can I set a date range?

You may set or change the start and end date for each proxy on the Profile tab.

What does the lock mean when I see it next to my proxy’s name?

The lock means that your proxy doesn’t have access yet. If you want to grant access, expand the proxy and assign a relationship and authorizations. You will also see a lock when the stop date for the proxy has been reached.

What does the number of pages mean next to my proxy’s name?

The number of pages indicates the number of items of information you have authorized the proxy to see.

Student Account and Billing Authorized User 

What is Transact?

Transact is the online billing and payment system of Lawrence University. Transact is where you view billing statements, review recent payments and charges on your student account, and make payments online.

How Do I Access Transact?


  1. Login to your Voyager account
  2. Click on the Student Services tab
  3. Click on Your Student Account (this will direct you to Transact)

Parents/Authorized Users:

Click here to login to Transact.

Can I give my parents or another user access to my student account & billing information?

Yes. You will need to create a parent or authorized user account to grant another person access to your student account and billing information. Authorized users are able to view billing statements, recent payments, charges on the student account, and make online payments.

Quick Instructions on Creating a Parent or Authorized User Account for Transact

  1. Log in to your student account (Transact). Instructions on how to log in and access this can be found above. Please note: Only students can access eRefund.
  2. On the menu to the left, click on your name
  3. Scroll to the "Payers" section and click on "send a payer invitation"
  4. Enter the requested information and click "Send invitation"

Does setting up a user for my student account and billing give them permission to access my financial aid?

No, it does not give them access to your financial aid. If you would like set up a user to view your financial aid and/or discuss your financial aid with one of the counselors, you will need to set up a financial aid proxy for them. The instructions to set this up can be found under "Financial Aid Voyager Proxy Access" on this page.

How do I enroll in eRefund?

Note: Only students can enroll in eRefund online in Transact.

  1. Access Your Student Account by going to Voyager/Student Services/Your Student Account. 
  2. On the Overview page, scroll to the middle of the page to the section "Sign up for direct deposit refunds!"
  3. Click "Sign Up."
  4. Read and agree to terms by checking "I agree to terms" and then click on "Continue."
  5. Select "New Bank Account" in drop down box, complete the requested information, and click "Complete."
  6. You will receive a confirmation email when eRefund enrollment is set up.

You can find more information on eRefund here.

Outside Scholarships

How do I report my outside scholarships?

  • Complete the Outside Scholarship Report Form and return it to the Financial Aid Office OR
  • Report it on your Voyager account by following the instructions below:
    • Log in to your Voyager account
    • Click on "Student Services" tab
    • Click "Financial Aid"
    • Click "View Financial Aid Award"
    • Select the correct aid year
    • Click the "Outside Scholarships" tab
    • Report your outside scholarship(s)

How are outside scholarships applied to my bill? 

Scholarships are usually paid with one check or two checks. The timing of when the scholarship check is received affects how the scholarship is applied to your bill.

If it's paid with one check, we split the annual amount evenly for each term (fall, winter, and spring). If it's paid with two checks, we split the first check in two-thirds for fall term and one-third for winter term. Then for the second check we receive, we split one-third for winter term and two-thirds for spring term.

Reach out to our Student Accounts Office if you have more questions. 

What other scholarship opportunities do I have?

There are many outside scholarships you can apply for. Check out our outside scholarships page!

How do I accept my Federal Direct Loan?

Click here for instructions on how to accept (or decline) your Federal Student Loan.

Student Employment

When can I start applying for a job on campus?

Applications open in August and most jobs are posted online by September 1. Keep reading to learn more about how to apply for student employment. 

How do I apply for a campus job?

Student employment opportunities are posted on Lawrence Link (powered by Handshake). Click the link below to login or, if you're a first time user, create your account.

What forms do I need to complete if I want a job on campus? 

Click here for the Student Employment Forms found on the Human Resources page. For more info, please visit the Student Employment page found under Human Resources.

How much can I earn?

Effective Fall 2024, on-campus positions will have 3 hourly pay rates. Below is an example of how much students can earn over the course of the academic year (30 weeks).

Hourly Rate 10 Hours/Week 15 Hours/Week 20 Hours/Week
$8.00 $2,400 $3,600 $4,800
$11.00 $3,300 $4,950 $6,600
$13.00 $3,900 $5,850 $7,800

How many hours a week can I work?

Although a student can work more than one job on campus simultaneously, students cannot work more than 20 hours a week during any periods of enrollment. During periods of non-enrollment (i.e., winter break or spring break) students can work up to 40 hours per week.

When do I get paid?

Student employees are paid bi-weekly. 

Time sheets must be submitted through Voyager at the end of each pay period. If your time sheet is not received on time or is completed incorrectly, payment will be delayed. Learn how to enter your hours here.

How do I get paid?

Direct deposit is mandatory for all campus employment and students may have their paychecks deposited into one or more savings or checking accounts. Students may also opt to have some or all of their earnings applied to a balance on their student account (i.e. tuition or other expenses). 

What's the difference between Federal Work-Study and Campus Employment?

Students with Federal Work-Study have a "demonstrated need" (determined by the FAFSA) for additional funding to pay for college. In addition to grants and loans, they're given the opportunity to work on campus. Approximately 75% of their earnings is paid by Lawrence and 25% comes from the federal government.

Students with Campus Employment also demonstrate a need for additional funding to help pay for college; however, not as much of a need as students with Federal Work-Study. Students with Campus Employment are paid 100% by Lawrence.

Students without Federal Work-Study or Campus Employment have the opportunity to work on campus, too. These students didn't receive Federal Work-Study or Campus Employment as part of their financial aid award, but they still have an opportunity to work on campus.

Does Federal-Work Study or Campus Employment get subtracted from my bill at the beginning of the term?

No. You are paid for the hours you work.

Can I work on campus over the summer?

The Summer Employment Program is administered by the Human Resource Office from mid-June through August. Employment may be full-time or part-time.  More information about Summer Employment is available on Human Resources page.

Health Insurance

Lawrence requires all students to carry health insurance. Click here to learn more about health insurance, include the health insurance plan offered to Lawrence students through Wellfleet. 


In some instances, your "credits" (scholarship, grant, loan, and/or payment) might be larger than your "charges" (tuition, room, board, fees, etc.). If you see a negative number as your balance due, this is a "credit balance." Click here to learn more about enrolling in eRefund. 

Are you a faculty or staff member interested in tuition benefits? 

Click here to find out more about tuition benefits offered at Lawrence University.