At Lawrence University, we understand that sometimes the FAFSA may not accurately reflect your current financial situation. 

There may be changes in income in the last two years, extenuating circumstances that occurred after completing the FAFSA, or expenses that weren’t accounted for on your application. For this reason, we encourage you to reach out to us to discuss the special circumstance review process.  

Submit Your Circumstance for Review 

During a special circumstances review, our office works with families to gather materials in order to document the changes in their financial situation. Based on the documented changes, we will re-evaluate your eligibility for federal, state, and/or institutional financial aid. Any change in federal/state aid will be automatically offered to you. However, in order to receive additional Lawrence grant assistance, you must accept the Federal Direct Student Loans offered to you.

You can start here by submitting the special circumstance form to our office. Once we receive this, we will reach out regarding the additional supporting documents we need to complete this request.

1. Submit Special Circumstance Request Form

    • Include key things, such as: dates (when did things occur?), names (who was affected?), and specific dollar amounts

    • Statement must have handwritten signature(s) by you or your parents

2. Submit Supporting Documents

Once you submit the special circumstance request form to our office, we will reach out to let you know which additional documents are needed based on the information provided. Below are some examples of supporting documents we may request:

  • Copies of W-2 forms

  • Signed copy of federal tax return form(s)

  • Insurance benefit statements or other documentation for paid out of pocket medical expenses 

  • Termination letter

  • Court records

  • Paystubs