Cropped photo of alumni volunteer Lisa Hearld"I was interested in speaking with prospective students because I have such a fondness and enthusiasm for liberal arts and Lawrence....connecting with another generation of Lawrence students has been a fantastic experience."      -Lisa Orzepowski Hearld '92

Additional ways to get invovled

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Thank you for your interest in writing an open LUV letter (Lawrence University Value/Volunteer letter) that our admissions office can send to admitted students who are interested in your field. We find that our alumni success stories really speak well to students and families about the value of a Lawrence education.

Time commitment per event: once letter is written, no additional time with mailing

Logistics: Below is draft outline and examples but please feel encouraged to tell your story however best fits your voice. When completed, e-mail us a scan of your electronic signature which we will format on letter head and send back for your final approval. Our office will then handle mailing the letters.

Letters are mailed following acceptance letters on a rolling basis (December-March). Each year ACE office will circle back with our volunteers and see if information has changed.

Letter Template

Intent to fit on one page letter

Introduction/Purpose of Letter

"Congratulations on Admission to Lawrence"

•How college experience will translate into a career

example: I am writing to describe how Lawrence equipped me for a career in international affairs. I recently retired after serving for 40 years as a Foreign Service Officer with the U.S. Department of State. Lawrence would prepare you superbly for a role in international affairs, whether with the State Department, with a multinational company, or with one of the many non-governmental organizations that do so much to improve the lives of others.


Personal, specific or unique experience about LU

Focus on one of the below - either:

•Why did you select Lawrence?

•What did you do or experience while at Lawrence

example: I enrolled at Lawrence with dreams of being an all-conference baseball player and perform as the lead role in an opera before graduation. It only took one trimester for my interests to change however. I quickly became floored by the creativity inherent in applying various research methodologies in psychological science to understand human behavior due to my reading of Obedience to Authority by Stanley Milgram during freshmen studies course. Although I continued to play baseball for the Vikings, perform in coffee shops on College Avenue, I spent much of my time in the stacks of the Mudd library reading classic studies in the psychological sciences.

example: Our professors were top-notch. Not only because of their experience and knowledge, but their great love of French language, culture and history. They really got to know us while teaching us the value of challenging academic pursuits. Our department felt more like a family and I know this is still true today.


What did you do/accomplish after Lawrence and/or what are you doing today (approximately 2 paragraphs)

i.e. Your Story

This does not need to be a linear history-briefly and concisely explain 1-2 aspects of your career, accomplishments, experiences or success

example: Lawrence gave me an opportunity to grow as a well-balanced person and develop valuable leadership skills that translated into success in the music business. Following graduate school, I moved to New York City, where I began carving my niche as a musician. After a few years playing every sort of gig imaginable, from orchestral and chamber music projects, to off-off-Broadway theater productions, wedding and society gigs, concert halls, jazz clubs dates and more, I made the decision to start New York Jazz Academy, which I built from the ground up, one step at a time. NYJA is now recognized world-wide as a learning institution central to the pulse of jazz in NYC, and I credit the work ethic and skill sets I developed while at Lawrence, in both the economics department and the conservatory, with making this all come to fruition.


Importance of individualized learning, lifelong learning and the connection of Lawrence to students accomplishment/successes (1 paragraph)

Tie in how the Lawrence experience contributed to your lifelong learning, accomplishments and/or success.

example: For my senior project I directed, starred in, and designed the set and lights for Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure, and worked with visiting artists from the Royal Shakespeare Company. I had the opportunity to study abroad for the first semester of my senior year. I lived with an incredible host family in Munich Germany where my host father was one of the most famous directors of opera in the world. All of this was due to my wonderful LU German professor's connections and challenged all of her students to strive for excellence in everything we did.

example: The diverse composition portfolio I developed at Lawrence, as well as the breadth of my performance abilities and LU experiences helped me gain admittance to many of the most prestigious graduate programs in the country. After receiving a full-tuition scholarship to Yale, the admission officers remarked that what set me apart from other candidates was the diversity of my individualized learning experiences, including my senior project, among others.


Closing Paragraph/Sentences

Closing thought on your decision or future Lawrentians decision to attend Lawrence

“I hope that you will find Lawrence as the right place for you to begin your new chapter in life. Again, Congratulations on your admission.”

example: I have used my Lawrence education to continue learning, adapting and evolving in my career and in my life. When I decided to attend Lawrence, I did not fully understand that I was making an investment in my future and how much of a role it would play in accomplishing many of my lifelong goals.

example: Deciding to attend Lawrence was very important in terms of my career as a singer, but as a person, it was an absolutely paramount decision. The opportunities and experiences at Lawrence helped me learn to work with and lead others and also led me to new life-long friendships. In retrospect, Lawrence provided me an opportunity to explore all of my interests and test my abilities – a kind of training ground for life’s experiences to come.


Regional receptions offer an opportunity for students to connect with each other and members of the Lawrence community. The alumni perspective is valuable for students to learn more about the LU experience. These events vary based on time of recruitment cycle, location, size, and time of day (Coffee Conversations vs Dessert Reception).

Time commitment per event: approx. 2-4 hours

Number of receptions: 1 – 2 in our core markets

Peak Season:

Early Fall (August) – for prospective students beginning their college search process.

Late Spring (March/April) – for admitted students who are deciding on a college.


We try to offer families a variety of volunteers they can speak to about academic interests, life after LU experiences, campus community, etc. Alumni interested in attending a reception should feel comfortable directly approaching families and having conversations with individuals or families. Some receptions have programs where we will ask alumni to provide an introduction highlighting something of their LU experience or participate in a Q/A panel while other receptions encourage general mingling. If you have indicated interest in attending receptions, we will e-mail you for your availability if a reception is happening in your area.



We continue to look for accessible locations to host our receptions and we find public spaces are preferable. If you work at a place (or have connections to a community place) that may be fun to host a reception or regional club event, contact the alumni office (

Q/A panels (in person, phone or video) offer an opportunity for prospective families to hear experiences and answers directly from alumni. The alumni perspective is helpful for students to learn more about specific academic interests, life after LU experiences, campus community, etc. These panels vary depending on what areas we are featuring/audiences we are trying to reach.

Time commitment per event: approx. 1-1 1/2 hours

Peak Season: Yield Season (Feb-May)

Examples of Q and A Panel (in person):

•Local Fox Cities Alumni joined a Q/A panel as part of our LUX: on campus visit day

•On-Campus Audition Days: Conservatory Alumni speak about life after LU


Examples of Q and A Panel (virtual):

•Live Webinars focus on a specific academic topics featuring Lawrence faculty, students and alumni

•Parent to Parent Phonecast: a chance for prospective parents to call in and speak with current student parents (fun to have alumni parents as part of our panels)

Lawrence University offers an opportunity for students to have a conversation with a LU community member at the beginning stages of their college search process. With alumni help, we can enhance the prospective student connection to LU by making personal connections and bringing the LU experience to life for them (through alumni stories).


•Get students excited about LU

•Answer any preliminary questions they may have of LU

How do alumni get connected with a student?

A student will select on a form that they are interested in learning more by speaking with LU community member. Our admissions staff will match the alum with a prospective student (either by academic interest, career focus, extra curricular questions, or region, etc.) and ask that the alum schedules a time directly with the student to talk (either by phone, skype, in person, or e-mail exchanges).


Deadline to connect with student?

When the student makes their request, we let them know they will hear from a member of the LU community within a week. Then depending on both schedules - whenever works best to connect.


Will this conversation be considered in the review of a student’s application?

While any notes provided will be saved on the students record, this conversation’s primary purpose is to: 1) get students excited about LU 2) answer any preliminary questions they may have of LU. Sometimes younger students may not know what to ask, so it is a chance for our alumni to ask students about what is fun for them to participate in and outside of their high school and if they have visited our website or campus.

Much of the work of the admissions office is supported by the community of Alumni Admissions Ambassadors who help with interviews, college fairs, admitted student receptions etc. LUAA is trying to build a tighter connection between the recruitment opportunities that our alumni participate in regionally and the community of alumni who participate in their regional clubs by selecting an Alumni Admissions Engagement (AAE) Regional Club Liaison.

Role Description

Regional Clubs, in areas that overlap with admissions recruitment strategies, will have a dedicated Alumni Admissions Engagement (AAE) Representative. This representative will facilitate communication between the Regional Clubs, Alumni Admissions Engagement, and LUAA Leadership by sharing updates and awareness of Admissions efforts. Representatives may choose to participate as a general regional club committee member, but are not obligated to do so.



Primary Role is to share information about how alumni can help with admissions activities. You will not be on your own. LUAA Connecting to Campus committee is a resource for all of our Alumni Admissions Ambassadors.


Other duties that may be asked throughout the year

•Store college fair box of materials (not responsible for covering all college fairs in the area)

•Share information in closed FB Alumni Admissions group that is relevant to share on regional clubs FB page.

•May be asked to provide recommendations of alumni in your region that may enjoy attending a regional student reception


“It’s surprising to know how many Lawrentians are doing the things that you want to do, and knowing that advice is available to us [as a student]. We continue to help each other at Lawrence. I love that sense of community.”

Andres Capous ‘17