Share your light with other alumni by participating in communities and clubs aligned with where—and who—you are today!

After graduation, our alumni have found each other all over the world, which is why we're so glad to share these opportunities to create meaningful connections aligned with your values and your voices. Below, you'll learn about the Lawrence University Black Alumni Network (LUBAN) and our regional clubs. 

If you're looking for more ways to forge connections with alumni based on shared interests and identities, contact us.  We'd be happy to help you find existing groups or start a new one. Also, please take a moment or two to add your most up-to-date information to the Alumni Directory.  That way, we'll be able to correspond with you if opportunities arise that align with who--and where--you are today!

Lawrence University Black Alumni Network (LUBAN)

The Lawrence University Black Alumni Network (LUBAN) exists to better connect Lawrence’s Black alumni to each other, support current students, and engage with university leadership to improve Lawrence for the Black community.  To support this mission, LUBAN members work together toward the following goals:

  • Build and maintain a network of Black alumni
  • Support current Black students
  • Work with students, faculty, staff, and administration to surface and address issues affecting Black students

Any Lawrence or Milwaukee-Downer alumni who identify as Black can be part of LUBAN. One must simply opt-in via the alumni directory, targeted email or by contacting LU staff.

LUBAN at Reunion_2021
LUBAN members at the 2021 reception.

Regional Clubs

Regional Clubs promote community and connection based on geography.  Build in-person professional networks and personal friendships with other Lawrentians.  If there’s not a club near you, reach out to our office at

Chicago LUAA_2019
Members of the Chicago Club at a recent event.


Chair: Carolyn Tomecek '12
Social Media: Instagram and LU Club of Chicago Facebook


Co-Chairs: Breanna Skeets '12 and Kristen Lahner ’73
Social Media: LU Club of Colorado Facebook

Fox Cities

Chair: Michael Wysocki '88.
Facebook group: LU Club of the Fox Cities 

Los Angeles

Chair: Magdalena (Maggie) Waz '11
Social Media: LU Club of Los Angeles Facebook


Chair: Christine Seeley '12
Facebook group: LU Club of Madison 


Contact: Gina Jaeckel '94
Facebook group: LU Club of Milwaukee 

New York

Contact: Kate Allison '12
Facebook group: LU Club of New York 

Twin Cities

Chair: Zach Martin '16
Facebook group: LU Club of the Twin Cities 

Washington D.C.

Contact: Kate Allison '12
Facebook group: LU Club of D.C.