COVID-19 is something that is taken seriously at Lawrence University. We are doing what we can to follow protocols to decrease the transmission of the virus on campus.

Guidance for using an at-home COVID-19 antigen (rapid) test if you are experiencing symptoms or have had an exposure:

  • Rapid tests are available through Wellness Services 920-832-6574 or Campus Safety 920-832-6999.
  • If you receive a positive result initially or after a repeat test, this means the test detected the SARS-CoV-2 virus and you most likely have COVID-19.
    • Contact Wellness Services 920-832-6574 for instructions on Isolation.
    • Stay in your room, do NOT attend in person classes/activities.
    • Double mask or wear a KN95 mask or better if you must leave your room or have a roommate.
  • If you receive a negative result, the test did not detect the SARS-CoV-2 virus at the time of that test.
    • If you have COVID-19 symptoms, test again 48 hours after the first negative test, for a total of at least two tests.
      • If you get a negative result on the second test and you are concerned that you could have COVID-19, you may choose to test again 48 hours after the second test, consider getting a PCR test, or contact Wellness Services.
    • If you do not have COVID-19 symptoms and believe you have been exposed to COVID-19, test on day 6 after your exposure, then test again 48 hours after the first negative test.
    • If you get a positive result on any repeat test with an at-home COVID-19 antigen test, you most likely have COVID-19 and should contact Wellness Services or Campus Safety if after hours.

Visit the COVID-19 isolation and close contact information

For the most recent information on Lawrence's COVID-19 status, policies, and procedures.

Vaccine Information

Vaccination sites located within walking distance from Lawrence University and through out the country.

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