Apply for Financial Aid

To apply for need-based financial aid at Lawrence University, students must complete all applicable requirements listed below. Click here for options on how to submit documents

1. Supplemental Financial Aid Application

To apply for Lawrence need-based aid, please submit either the CSS Profile OR the Lawrence Financial Aid Application.

If Lawrence is the only school on your list that requires a supplemental financial aid form, then please complete the Lawrence Financial Aid Application (it’s shorter and easier to complete than the CSS Profile).

If you’re applying to other colleges that require CSS Profile, then please save yourself the time and simply send your CSS Profile to Lawrence. There is no need to complete the Lawrence Financial Aid Application.

Lawrence Financial Aid Application

If you are not completing the CSS Profile for another college, complete this application.

CSS Profile
Over 200 schools require the CSS Profile. Add Lawrence University to your CSS Profile (school code 1398).
  • Available: October 1 (the sooner you file, the sooner after your admission we can send you an aid award)
  • Website:
  • Cost: the fee to complete the Profile is $25 (the fee for each additional college is $16). Some families may qualify for a fee waiver based on income.
  • Lawrence University's CSS Profile code: 1398


  • Available: October 1
  • Website:
  • Lawrence University's federal school code: 003856
  • Completion of the FAFSA is required in order to be considered for the following federal student aid:
    • Federal Pell Grant
    • Federal SEOG
    • Federal Direct Loan (subsidized and/or unsubsidized)
    • Federal Work-Study

3. Parent Federal Tax Return

For Fall 2021 admission, submit a signed copy of your 2019 federal tax return. 

Submit a copy of Pages 1 & 2 of IRS Form 1040 and ALL schedules directly to the Lawrence Financial Aid Office
  • If applicable, include the following schedules
    • IRS Schedules 1, 2, 3, and/or 4
    • IRS Schedules A, C, E, and/or F
    • IRS Form 1065 (Partnership Income), 1120 (Corporation) and/or 1120S (S Corporation)

Options to submit documents.

4. If Applicable: Noncustodial Parent Information

Complete this requirement if your biological or adoptive parents are divorced, separated, or were never married. The FAFSA and Supplemental Financial Aid Application are completed with the parent you lived with more during the last 12 months (this parent is your "custodial parent" when applying for financial aid). The other parent is the "noncustodial parent." Need help determining who your custodial parent is? This nifty chart should help.

Complete one of the following:

Noncustodial Parent Financial Aid Form

Your noncustodial parent should submit the Lawrence Noncustodial Parent Financial Aid Form (PDF) to the Financial Aid Office. Note: we will also accept the CSS Profile (Household B) in lieu of the Noncustodial Parent Financial Aid Form.

Noncustodial Parent Form Waiver

If you have no contact with your noncustodial parent, submit the Noncustodial Parent Form Waiver (PDF).

5. If Applicable: FAFSA Verification

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How to Submit Documents

Documents can be submitted to the Lawrence University Financial Aid Office in the following ways:

Option Instructions
Upload Lawrence uses LeapFILE secure file exchange.
Click here to upload your files securely.
Fax 920-832-6582

Financial Aid Office
Lawrence University
711 E Boldt Way SPC 32
Appleton, WI  54911

NOTE: Lawrence does not receive documents through the College Board IDOC service. Documents should be submitted to Lawrence using the options above.

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Financial Aid Award Notification

We typically begin releasing financial aid offers in December. At that time, if your financial aid application is complete by the priority date listed above, we will post your financial aid offer to your status page within four weeks of your admissions decision.

Otherwise, if you miss your priority date above, we will post your financial aid offer to your status page within four weeks of completing your financial aid application.

Please note: Lawrence University only sends financial aid offers to admitted students.

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