Students receiving scholarship or grant funding through the Off-Campus Programs office commit to completing a project or spending time in meaningful service to the office while they are abroad or upon their return to campus.  Students should use this page to understand the scope and expectations for the follow-up requirement. 

Goals of the Follow-up Project and Service Requirement

The goals of the project and service requirement are to:

  • have the student process and articulate their experience in a creative and meaningful way
  • share a unique aspect of their study abroad experience with campus
  • and/or promote international education to the Lawrence community

About the Follow-Up Project and Service Requirement

  • Students must report and document at least 5 hours of service for awards of $1,500 or less and at least 8 hours of service for awards of $2000 or more. 
  • The follow-up service or project should take place within the Lawrence campus community.
  • Recipients must work with the Off-Campus Programs office upon their return regarding their plan to fulfill the goals of the service expectation.  Follow-up service requirements should be completed by the end of the term after the student’s return to campus in most cases.  If the project would be conducted while the student is participating in the program, the student needs to be in contact with the Director of Off-Campus Programs with information about their plans and timeline.
  • Students are able to fulfill up to half of their follow up requirement by volunteering for things to contribute to the Off-Campus Programs office’s work. 
  • Students required to complete a follow-up project for separate scholarship programs (i.e. the Gilman International Scholarship, Freeman ASIA scholarship) will need to complete separate projects to fulfill the requirements for the separate awards.

Qualifying Activities

Students can fulfill the service requirement in a number of ways.  They can:

  • complete a project while abroad
  • complete a project upon their return to campus
  • volunteer to contribute to the work of the Off-Campus Programs office in meaningful ways.  Note that students are able to fulfill up to half of their follow up requirement by volunteering for activities that contribute to the Off-Campus Programs office’s work.


Follow-up Project

Factors to consider when developing and outlining your project :

  • Clearly state the intended outcome of your proposed project. Some outcomes you might consider: increasing interest in off-campus study, increasing campus knowledge about your host culture, sharing something about research, independent study or an aspect of your program with the campus, etc.
  • Who is the desired audience for the project and how might you connect with them most effectively?
  • Consider your follow-up project's methodology. How will you carry out your follow-up project? What will be the most effective mode of sharing your project? Some examples might include: presentation, poster session, working with faculty & academic departments, public display, video screening, connecting with campus offices, creating a flyer, blog or website, working with student groups, campus newspaper, connecting with students interested in future off-campus study, etc.
  • What interesting aspects of your program (examples: music lessons, course project, independent research, internship, etc.) might you be able to bring back to campus as part of your follow-up project?
  • Do you have unique interests, talents, campus networks, or outlooks you might bring to this project?

Volunteer for the Off-Campus Programs office

Students are able to fulfill up to half of their follow up requirement by volunteering for activities that contribute to the Off-Campus Programs office’s work.  This includes opportunities like being on a student panel, presenting at language immersion weekends, participating in program informational meetings, serving as a contact for students interested in studying abroad, video blogging, tabling, helping with admissions or other presentations, organizing an event within larger events like London Week or LI’s Cabaret, etc.  Note that these opportunities are limited based upon availability.

Commitment to the Service Requirement

Failing to complete the follow-up service project requirement will result in this funding being revoked from the student's account.  Recipients are responsible for contacting the Off-Campus Programs office regarding how they intend to fulfill the follow-up requirement and for submitting documentation.