Welcome to our community! Thank you for entrusting the care and education of your son or daughter to Lawrence staff and faculty. We understand that this is a time of mixed feelings for you and your family. We would like to offer you the following tips that might be helpful:

  • Trust that you have given your student the roots and wings he needs to be confident in his ability to grow as a human being.
  • We care about your student and we will do our best to make his or her experience at Lawrence a success both emotionally and academically.
  • Remind your student that the door to your home is always open.
  • It’s normal for your student and you to question the college decisions you have made.
  • Even though your student is now in college, she still needs and wants your opinions.
  • If you bombard your student with questions when he calls home, he might stop calling.
  • It’s normal for your emotions to be up and down.
  • Remember that your student’s siblings are also experiencing transitional feelings and may need you to understand what they might be going through.
  • When your student comes home for a visit and is acting like an adult, treat her like an adult rather than the child who used to live in your home.
  • Remind yourself that if your student doesn’t call home often, that might just mean that he is busy, not that he has forgotten about you.
  • Don’t jump to rescue your student the minute she calls saying that she hates it here. A call the next week might be her telling you that she loves it here and can’t imagine being anywhere else.
  • Care packages that can be shared with friends are always welcomed and appreciated.
  • Even if he is your second student going off to college, you may still go through all the emotions you went through the first time around.
  • Sometimes no news is good news.
  • Wellness Services on campus is convenient and ready to help your student with health care needs.
  • If you ever have questions or concerns about your student, the hall director is a good resource to call.
  • You’ve worked hard raising your student to get to this point in her life. If you haven’t done so already, now would be a good time to give yourself some TLC.

We would like you to know that we are here for our students. Helping them to succeed is our primary goal. We are available to talk over questions or concerns with you, as well as faculty or staff. Only with written permission from students can we share information with you or others.

We offer regular appointments; however, we are not in a position to offer standing weekly appointments. We are able to offer clients our next open time, or work with them to get connected to a community provider who can see them more frequently. Since we see all enrolled students, we need to be fair and realistic about scheduling. In urgent or crisis situations we might schedule more than one appointment with a student during a brief period until a situation is resolved.