Find a community to support your mental wellness and discover online tools to support mindfulness.

What is a Wellness Group?

A Wellness Group is a form of counseling in which you meet with a small group of people to explore, discuss, and work through any challenges or problems you and your peers may be experiencing. Groups meet regularly to offer each other different perspectives, suggestions, and a supportive ear. Through a safe and comfortable environment, you can gain insight into your own thoughts and behaviors and improve your mental wellness.

Interested in joining a group?

If you are looking for a group/support not listed please contact Wellness Services.

For more information or to register contact Wellness Services:
Call: 920-832-6574

Wellness Groups

LGBTQ+ Support Group

Meets weekly in the Gender & Sexuality Diversity Center (Memorial Hall 107). All LGBTQ+ and questioning students welcome. (Allies, please sit this one out.). Facilitated by Wellness Services Counselor, Corynn Stoltenberg. Please contact Corynn with interest or questions via email:

Being Well at the Con

Please join us Thursdays at 10:30am in Brokaw 93 to:

  • Learn wellness skills to support your journey.
  • Process your unique experience
  • Obtain resources from Wellness Services counselors to help you thrive.

POC Empowerment Circle

Every other Thursday 1pm Warch Kraemer Room

  • This is a space where students of color to connect and build community on campus. 
  • The purpose is to allow healing and foster empowerment. 
  • The discussion based series is meant to celebrate and explore identities while strengthening skills necessary to thrive at Lawrence University. 

Understanding Self & Others

Trouble making friends?
Are relationships hard to develop?
Feeling lonely or sad?
Suffering from anxiety?
Disconnected from others?
Worried about how others perceive you?
Struggling with self- esteem?
Difficulty asking for help?

If you answered YES to any of these...Understanding Self & Others is the group for you.

International Support Group

A space for international students to connect over shared experiences. This diversity-related event enhances spiritual and religious life. 

Tuesdays at International House

Online Tools for Mindfulness 


Sanvello is an evidence-based, mobile care app designed to relieve the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression, anywhere, anytime—because symptoms often appear when least expected. It is not a replacement for mental health services, but can provide useful lessons and be used for overall well-being. The app offers daily mood tracking, meditations, a journal, assessments and a community board of hope. 

Calm - Take a Deep Breath

All of the resources on this page are free of charge — please share with anyone who might benefit. Enjoy this curation of content hand-picked to support mental and emotional well-being through this time. Be sure to check back as they will be updating these resources regularly.

Online Mindfulness Series

Check out the online mindfulness video series made especially for the Lawrence Community.

An Introduction to Mindfulness - (5 min.) Before beginning any mindfullness activity, it is helpful to understand the definition, examples, and purpose of mindfullness practices.

Safe Space Imagery Exercise - (14 min.) Use this guided imagery or visualization to create a “safe space.” This safe space is uniquely yours and can be accessed at any time. This tool can be helpful if you’re healing from trauma, dealing with anxiety or depression and for general meditation. 

5-4-3-2-1 Mindfulness Exercise - (3 min.) This exercise is a simple yet powerful tool for calming a racing mind, orienting yourself in the present moment, and connecting with each of your five senses. 

Reducing Anxiety with Elevator Breathing - (5 min.) Anxiety is often connected to the chest. This exercise brings our focus lower in the body, focusing on the exhale to induce a sense of calm and groundedness. 

Mindfulness Indoors - (7 min.) One basic concept of mindfulness is to increase our ability to be aware of the present moment. This may include awareness of our internal experience, our body, breath, thoughts, or emotions, or our external experience, the sounds, sights, smells. 

Mindfulness Outdoors, Winter Edition - (6 min.) This exercise focuses on the natural world around you to help you orient to your surroundings in the present moment. When the weather is cold, it’s easy to rush from one building to the next, tensing against the cold and focusing on getting to you. 

Neuroplasticity - (4 min.) Practicing mindfulness strengthens the brain’s ability to regulate itself. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to change over time, developing and strengthening neuronal pathways that are used regularly and diminishing pathways that are not needed.

Mindfulness for Big Projects, Tests, and Performances - (8 min.) Use this mindfulness practice when you are feeling stressed or anxious about an upcoming project, test, or performance. 

Gratitude Practice - (6 min.) 

Mindful Listening - (5 min.) Use this mindful listening exercise with a favorite piece of music or to bring more awareness to your everyday surroundings. 

Mindful Breathing - (7 min.)

Mindful Breathing Exercise - (4 min.)

Mindfullness and Coping with Anxiety - (5 min.)