Emotional Wellbeing Skills Group

Emotional Wellbeing Skills Group
Winter Term 2019
Tuesdays from 11:15am-12:
15pm, Weeks 3-9
Registration required by January 11th

The Emotional Wellbeing Skills Group is designed to help students understand and change interpersonal, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive patterns that can result in unhappiness and distress.

Benefits of participation may include:
• Heightened self-awareness
• Improved self-regulation skills
• Increased resiliency
• Enhanced social connectedness

Registration required by September 28.
For more information or to register contact
Kate Bellingar, kaitlyn.m.bellingar@lawrence.edu or
Krystal Light, krystal.e.light@lawrence.edu.

Mindfulness Series

Mindfulness Series

2019 Winter Weeks 4, 5, & 6
Meet for three weekly sessions to learn:
  • Develop an ongoing mindfulness practice
  • Learn the benefits of being mindful and simple ways to practice
  • Improve present moment awareness and self care

Registration required by January 18, 2019 .
Call Wellness Services at 920-832-6574 or email wellness@lawrence.edu to register.

Body Image Support Group

Sponsored & Facilitated by EVOLVE

Pre-Registration is Required

Canceled this Term

2019 Winter Term Week 3 - Week 10
Thursdays 5:30 pm- 6:30 pm

For further information or to register for group contact
Yoly Anderson at wellnessservices@lawrence.edu or 920-832-6574

International Discussion Series

 2019 Winter Term
Andrew Commons Schumann Room 126
Everyone is Welcome!

Each session will cover the topic with a Q & A discussion to follow
•Have informal discussion about a variety of topics
•Make friends
•Build relationship
•Get support on common challenges
•Celebrate your strength and resilience
•Learn from each other


College Success
Cultural adjustment
family expectations
stress management
and more. 

For more information contact Kaitlyn.m.bellingar@lawrence.edu or internationalhouse@lawrence.edu

Student Grief Support

Student Grief Support

Please join us to:
• Learn coping skills for your grief journey
• Process your unique experience of loss
• Obtain resources from Wellness Services counselors for your ongoing healing

Please pre-register by emailing wellnessservices@lawrence.edu or calling 920-832-6574


Join for:
Support and Listening

People of Color EMPOWERMENT Circle

This is a space for students of color to connect and build community on campus. The purpose is to allow healing and foster empowerment. This discussion-based series is meant to celebrate and explore identities while strengthening skills necessary to thrive at Lawrence University.

2019 Winter Term Dates and Times

Jan 24th
Topic: Healthy Boundaries
Feb 7th
Topic: Self-care
Feb 21st
Topic: Healthy Communication

Location Memorial 106

For more information, please contact:
Katie Huskey - katie.huskey@lawrence.edu
Krystal Light - Krystal.e.light@lawrence.edu

Understanding Self & Others

Trouble making friends?
Are relationships hard to develop?
Feeling lonely or sad?
Suffering from anxiety?
Disconnected from others?
Worried about how others perceive you?
Struggling with self- esteem?
Difficulty asking for help?

If you answered YES to any of these...
Understanding Self & Others is for you.

2019 Winter Term WK 3- WK 8
January 15th - February 19th 
Wednesdays 4:30 pm  - 5:45 pm

For information or to schedule a registration appointment, contact
Yoly Anderson with Wellness Services
Wellnessservices@lawrence.edu or (920) 832-6574

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