Our Mission

  • We strive to meet the psychological needs of students by providing a safe, supportive and confidential environment that promotes self-awareness, fosters responsibility and respect, and teaches effective coping strategies.
  • We are strongly committed to improving the quality of life on campus and supporting the college’s academic mission.
  • We value persons of diverse racial, national, or cultural backgrounds; sexual/affectional orientations; mental and physical abilities; languages; socio-economic classes; ages; genders; and religious/spiritual beliefs.

Why does Lawrence University have counseling services?

Lawrence University counseling is a safe, confidential space for all students. Currently 25% of students come to counseling services to discuss issues such as academic stress, relationship stress, anxiety, depression, sleep difficulties, concerns for their family, or merely wants a safe, confidential space to explore personal and interpersonal concerns.

What are the most common concerns of people who come to counseling?

Counselors can help students gain a greater understanding of themselves and teach effective ways to handle problems. Counselors specialize in areas such as:

• relationship issues
• anxiety and stress
sleep issues
• academic concerns
• substance misuse/abuse
cultural issues
sexual identity
LGBT resources
gender identity
• procrastination and perfectionism
loss and grief
food and body image issues
• recovery from assault or abuse
attention deficit disorders
sexual assault

Contact Information

Counseling Services
711 E Boldt Way SPC 3
Appleton, WI 54911


Phone: 920-832-6574
Fax: 920-832-7488



Health and Mental Health Continuity of Care

If you have a chronic health or mental health issue it may be important to establish local medical care prior to your arrival on campus in the fall.  Although the providers in the Health and Wellness office are able to address many medical and mental health issues, some conditions need to be referred to providers in the local community.  Some medical specialists are often not immediately available and may take anywhere from weeks to months to get an appointment.  It is important to talk to your current treatment provider(s) about whether establishing care in Appleton will be an essential part of a successful transition to college.  Call the Office of Health and Wellness at (920) 832-6574 for additional information or to talk specifically about a health or mental health issue.


  • In a psychological emergency please call the Lawrence Crisis Line 920-419-8167
  • Individual or couple counseling for Lawrence students. Please come into the Health Center to schedule an appointment.
  • Psychological consultation with members of the Lawrence community
  • Referral for off-campus or specialized services

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