About Your Student ID

Your student ID, issued when you arrive on campus, serves as a library card, a debit card for campus funds, a means of access into academic and residential buildings, and a meal pass.  Here are some specifics:

  • PICK IT UP HERE:  New students can pick up their ID cards at the ID Office, located on the main level of the Warch Campus Center.  The office is behind the Information Desk.
  • LOST CARD?  Your first ID card is free.  If you lose your ID, a replacement card will be issued for a fee.
  • TEMPORARY PASS:  If you lose your card but think you might find it given some time, you can visit the ID Office for a temporary pass.  There's no charge (unless you lose it), but the pass will expire in a few days.
  • DOOR ACCESS:  Your card will give you access to residence halls, the campus center during the school year, and academic buildings based on your class schedule and/or professors' permission.
  • LIBRARY CARD:  Present your ID card at the library circulation desk to check out books, video games, DVDs, and more.
  • MEAL PASS:  At Andrew Commons (level 1, Warch Campus Center), present your ID card to be swiped at meal time.
  • PACKAGE PICKUP: Present your ID at the mail room (level 2, campus center) when picking up packages.
  • DISCOUNTS:  Show your ID at the logo store (Lawrence Apparel & Gifts in the campus center main level, near the cafe) and the box office (Music and Drama Center) to receive a discount on clothing, tickets, and more.
  • DEBIT CARD:  Use your ID card when making purchases using Culinary Cash, a fund associated with your meal plan, and Viking Gold, dollars that you add to your student account.  Viking Gold can be used at dining facilities, the mail room, the logo store, the campus convenience store, at some vending machines, laundry machines, and at some photocopy machines.
  • QUESTIONS?  Call the ID office at 920.832.6654.

For New Students

Attention, new students:   Submit your ID photo via Voyager! 

Later this spring, log on to Voyager and navigate to the Student Services menu - Important Forms and Paperwork page. You will be able to send us an ID photo from that page. If the photo meets basic criteria, we'll have your ID printed for you when you arrive.  Note that if your photo doesn't meet these standards, we'll let you know that you should submit a new photo or have your photo taken when you arrive on campus.

Photo specifications are

  • Send us a color headshot.  Make sure you are centered in the picture and that your face is clearly visible.  No sunglasses.  No hats.
  • You should be standing against a plain (no patterns or designs) light-colored (white, beige, gray) background.
  • You must be the only person in the photo. 
  • No high school senior portraits or other professional portraits, please.  Passport photos are acceptable.
  • Often a photo taken with a cell phone can be used.  We will contact you if the photo quality doesn't meet ID standards.
  • Submit your photo by SEPTEMBER 1
  • Questions? Email us at  IDOffice@lawrence.edu

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