Any student can have a vehicle on campus at Lawrence. 

Main campus 24 hour parking is available via limited number of parking spaces which are awarded through a lottery at the beginning of each term.  Lottery winners are charged a fee for their 24 hour privileges.  Those not winning a lottery spot will not receive any fees for parking, and have 24 hour parking privileges near the campus athletic fields in the Banta Bowl.  

Vehicle Registration, Bicycle Registration & Parking Lottery

University regulations require that all students, faculty and staff register their motor vehicles, including automobiles, motorcycles and mopeds, within three working days of bringing the vehicle to campus. Vehicle registration information should be entered by the individual using the Voyager system.

Register your vehicle on Voyager. Go to the Student Services menu and click on "Vehicle Registration, Bicycle Registration & Parking Lottery."

Vehicle Registration and Parking Lottery Sign Up are two separate requests. Registering a vehicle or updating your vehicle registration can be done at any time throughout the year, including summer. Your free vehicle registration sticker will arrive in your campus mailbox before the term starts. If you are a lottery winner, you will receive a second sticker to display next to your registration, which grants additional privileges in the student lots. 

Bicycle Registration is also a separate step. Your free registration sticker will arrive in your campus mailbox shortly after the registration is complete. 

Parking on Campus

Learn about the parking lottery, where you can park on campus, parking regulation and enforcement, and what to do in case of a snow emergency

Medical/Physical Lottery Override Requests

24-hour parking spaces may be assigned to students with physical disabilities or medical needs.

  • Each student requesting a medical exemption must submit a written request in advance of the lottery.  A statement from the student's doctor confirming the need for the exemption from the lottery must accompany this request. 
  • Medical/Physical Lottery Override requests must be sent to the Dean of Students office by noon on the Wednesday before the lottery draw day (Wednesday of Week 9)
  • Lottery override for medical or physical need does not guarantee a spot in the lot of your choice.
  • Short term medical parking accommodation requiring official handicap parking should be acquired from your medical provider.

Visitor Only Parking Areas

The southernmost row of the Chapel lot, a designated space in the Wilson House lot and the spaces on the north side of Hurvis Center are reserved for visitor parking only.

D-Term & Break Periods 

If your vehicle is registered with Lawrence for the current academic year, you may park your registered vehicle in any student-designated lot during D-Term, Winter Break, Spring Break and Summer until the residence halls open for the next term. Student parking during this time is first come, first served, but is limited to the student lots. After hours, students may still park in the employee parking.  

A Community System

To better use our limited parking facilities, the university has established a system by which students, faculty and staff share parking spaces.  Most of campus parking lots are utilized by faculty and staff during daytime hours, Monday through Friday.  The same lots are available for student parking overnight and on weekends.  In addition, a limited number of spaces are available to students for 24-hour parking and are allocated by LUCC through a lottery conducted at the beginning of each term. 

City parking is also available in paid parking lots located a short distance from campus. If you are interested in purchasing a ramp pass, please contact the City of Appleton's Department of Public Works at 920-832-6474.