Your student ID is issued to you when you arrive on campus. It also serves as a library card, a debit card for campus funds, a meal pass, and how you get into academic and residential buildings. 

Got questions? Contact us! 

Card Access Requests 
Contact Campus Safety - Cody Haas

Hours (excludes Holidays)
Mondays - Fridays 
8 a.m. - 4 p.m. 



New Student ID Pick Up

New students! If you submit your own photo by the deadline over the summer, you'll pick up your ID card (along with your room keys) when you check into your residence hall in the fall. We highly recommend you submit your own photo!

If you do not submit your own photo, visit the ID office to have a photo taken and ID printed when you arrive on campus.

Lost your Student ID?

Replace Your ID: If you've lost your ID, a replacement card will be issued for a fee. Visit Technology Services to request a new ID. 

Request a Temporary Pass: If you lose your card but think you might find it given some time, visit the Technology Services Helpdesk for a temporary pass. There's no charge for this, but the pass will expire in a few days. 

What's my student ID for?

Door Access

Swipe your card to get into residence halls and academic buildings.

Library Card

Show your ID at the library circulation desk to check out books, video games, DVDs, and more.

Package Pickup 

You may be asked to present your ID when picking up packages in the campus mailroom (level 2 of the Warch Campus Center).


Show your ID at the box office (in the Music and Drama Center) to receive discount on tickets.

Meal Plan Pass

Swipe your card for meals in Andrew Commons. Learn more about Meal Plans.

Debit Card

Swipe your card to use Culinary Cash and Viking Gold as campus currency that you can add to your student account. Learn more about Culinary Cash.

Viking Gold

Viking Gold is LU's tender and is good for the entire time you're at Lawrence. Viking Gold can be used at dining facilities, such as Andrew Commons for a reduced cost. It can also be used at the mail room, the logo store, campus convenience store, some vending machines, laundry machines, and some photocopy machines. 

How to add Viking Gold to your account


Students: Add money to your account using Voyager. You can decide whether you want the funds to appear as a charge on your student account or to your credit/debit card. Funds become immediately available on your ID. There is no fee.

Parents: Make a "guest deposit" using your credit/debit card at the link here: Please use your student’s FULL email address (i.e. for the email address field. Funds are immediately available on your student's ID card. There is no fee.