At Lawrence University, we believe dining together can help foster a sense of community, and that it's an important part of our residential education experience.

Meal plans encourage and support communal dining while offering flexibility to meet your individual needs. You are required to purchase a meal plan if you live on campus.  

Meal Plans

Each meal plan is made up of:

  • Meal Swipes - One swipe equals one meal. Refreshes weekly after Thursday night dinner.
  • Culinary Cash - Works like cash. Good for the entire term. What's not spent does not get rolled over to the next term.

Meal plans do not include Viking Gold (LU's tender), but Viking Gold can be used to purchase meals in Andrew Commons. Learn more below about the difference between Viking Gold and Culinary Cash.

Types of Meal Plans

Standard Meal Plans

Option One: 19 Meal Swipes + $125 Culinary Cash ($1,952/term)
Best option if you plan to eat all main meals in Andrew Commons. Increased meal patronage in Andrew Commons is best for students with dietary restrictions or food allergies.  

Option Two: 14 Meal Swipes + $250 Culinary Cash ($1,895/term)
This is the base meal plan. Default for first-year students, unless you request to switch to Option 1. This meal plan represents the best value for most students.

Option Three: 9 Meal Swipes + $350 Culinary Cash ($1,882/term)
Best option if you cannot make it to Andrew Commons during regular meal service hours, or if you plan to eat most of your meals in The Cafè. This plan provides approximate equivalent of one meal per day in Andrew Commons.

Group House Meal Plan

5 Meal Swipes + $150 Culinary Cash ($1,895/term)
If you live in a group house that offers a split meal plan, a portion of your fee goes to your house for group dining. The balance goes towards meal swipes and Culinary Cash. 

Have special dietary needs?

Visit the Bon Appétit office on the 1st floor of the campus center to talk with their director, or call 920-832-7314. Bon Appetit staff will work with you to develop meals that fit your needs.

Using Meal Plans and Viking Gold

Pick your meal plan using Voyager. All charges (Meal swipe counts, Culinary Cash, and Viking Gold) will appear on your student account statement.

Viking Gold v. Culinary Cash

Viking Gold

Viking Gold can be used for food and other purchases on campus, including LU clothing, postage, and laundry. Add Viking Gold to your account any time during the semester through Voyager. Viking Gold is good for your entire time at Lawrence.

Culinary Cash

Culinary Cash is not the same as Viking Gold. Culinary Cash is good for the term only and is limited to food purchases. It does not roll over from one term to the next and can only be used while classes are in session.

Where to use Meal Plans and Viking Gold

Andrew Commons

Meal swipes and Viking Gold can be used in Andrew Commons. You can eat as much as you want while in the facility. Food is available for take-out using a swipe. Greenware containers are provided and encouraged for take-out. Turn in a greenware container and get a clean one at your next swipe. 

If you are unable to make our normal dinner hours, we now offer meal equivalency Monday through Friday, from 7:30-9 pm, in Kaplan's Café. Simply swipe your card for a determined meal, no additional Culinary Cash or Viking Gold is required.

Kaplan's Café

The Café accepts Culinary Cash, Viking Gold, or a credit card. Mobile ordering for Café items is available on the BOOST app. You may also use your dinner meal swipe to obtain a determined meal from 7:30-9 pm if you miss dinner hours in the Andrew Commons.

Kate's Corner Store

Culinary Cash (for some items), Viking Gold, or a credit card can be used at Kate's Corner Store.

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About Bon Appétit

Since 2009, Bon Appétit has been Lawrence University's dining and catering provider. To learn about Bob Appétit and its commitment to sustainably grown foods and fresh seasonal produce, visit Bon Appétit's website.