The Student Life Division is led by the Vice President for Student Life and the Dean of Students.

Their offices are located on the first floor of the Raymond House.

Chris Clarke - Vice President for Student Life
Brittany Bell - Dean of Students

Questions about something in particular that affects you as a student?  Visit the Student Handbook as a reference tool for the rules that govern campus. 

Vision & Mission Statement

Our vision is that all students will become involved and informed members of our global society prepared for purposeful, balanced, and fulfilling lives. As educators within a residential community, we provide a supportive and collaborative framework empowering students to explore, engage, and connect in order for them to achieve their full potential.

Division Goals

  • Provide opportunities that encourage students to become educated about social issues, connect student strengths and interests to respond to issues through service and promote personal reflection and awareness activities.
  • Foster leadership development through community living, student employment opportunities, student government, and student clubs and organizations.
  • Promote awareness and respect through programming, educational opportunities, engagement, and identity development to create a welcoming and inclusive learning environment and campus community.
  • Provide opportunities that facilitate and sustain growth in the multiple dimensions of wellness: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and environment, intellectual, and occupational.
  • Help students become lifelong learners by engaging them in local, national, and global issues and by teaching them to apply skills learned in this student-centered community to their life beyond Lawrence.
  • Create an environment where students learn to take responsibility for their actions.