Are you looking for transportation into and around the community? A number of options are available to assist you in getting off-campus as well as back to campus.

Campus Safety 

Call Campus Safety for transportation assistance 920-832-6999 for the following needs: 

  • Safety walks/rides if you are sick, injured, or feel unsafe
  • Ride to Walgreens for urgent prescription pickup
  • Ride to medical providers; done at the request of Lawrence Health Center staff

Lawrence Loop

If you need intra-campus transport, the Lawrence Loop runs on an approximately 20 minute loop, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m., - 5 p.m., and offers stops at Hiett Hall, Wriston turnaround, Banta Bowl, Alexander Gym, and 1025 E. South River Street – visit the Lawrence Loop Shuttle page for a map with stop locations. 

Learn more about the Lawrence Loop Shuttle

Shuttles Around Town 

The LUCC Student Welfare Committee manages a shuttle service that connects students to commonly visited stores around town. There is a revised schedule during week six (the week of MTRP) and finals week.  

Days and Locations While in Academic Terms:

  • Mondays & Wednesdays - Walmart
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays - Woodman's Grocery
  • Friday - The Mall

Evening Schedule & Campus Pickups

The campus pickups are located at the Wriston Turnaround, the Banta Bowl, and 1025 E. South River Street across from Alexander Gym. 

  • Monday, Wednesday, (5pm) – Walmart  
  • Tuesday , Thursday (5pm) – Woodman’s
  • Friday  (5pm) – The Mall
  • Store pickup times: 6:15pm

Shuttle Schedule during Mid-term Week 6 & Finals Week:

  • Mondays - Walmart & Woodman’s Grocery
  • Wednesdays – Walmart & Woodman’s Grocery
The campus pickups are located at the Wriston Turnaround
  • Campus pickup times: 5:00 pm & 6:45pm
  • Store pickup times: Confirm with Driver

Valley Transit Bus

Use the Valley Transit public bus system to get into the community to volunteer, work, shop, etc. Lawrence students ride free with your LU ID! There are several bus stops on or nearby campus. Training is available to learn how to ride the bus. If you have any comments, questions or concerns regarding Valley Transit Bus, please contact

Visit for more information on stops and routes

The LU Service Shuttle

The LU Service Shuttle is sponsored by the Committee on Volunteer Engagement (COVE) and is supported by the Center for Community Engagement and Social Change (CCE). The service shuttle is for students seeking transportation for volunteer opportunities, and it runs by request only. Sign up must be completed seven days in advance.

Learn more and sign up for LU Service Shuttle

Ride Share Services

Uber and Lyft operate in the Fox Valley area. For more information, visit their apps.

Campus Break Shuttle Service

Sign up for a bus ride to and from campus during campus break periods. Space is limited!