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What's a career community?

A career community is a cluster of similar career paths grouped together to help you better explore your areas of interest.

We've designed 8 communities to help you find opportunities, discover resources, and make professional connections. Whatever your major, class year, or previous experience, we encourage you to explore multiple communities that align with your interests, goals, and post-graduation plans. 

Why join a career community?

Career communities provide you with:

  • internship funding opportunities

  • field-specific workshops, programs, and resources

  • alumni connections in your areas of interest

  • 1-on-1 appointments with specialist advisors, and more!

Sign-up for up to three communities (on Voyager)– update your preferences at any time.  

Explore our communities...

Health Care & Medical Professions

The Health Care & Medical Professions (HMP) community revolves around professions that directly impact the health and wellbeing of others, clinically and non-clinically.

Test tubes

Physical & Natural Sciences

The Physical & Natural Sciences (PHN) community is for professions connected to scientific research and application, particularly those with a lab focus.

Students perform a stage production

Visual & Performing Arts

Visual & Performing Arts (VPA) community includes creative fields like theatre, music, television, film, and related professions.

Education student intern teaching children

Nonprofit, Education, & Social Impact

The Nonprofit, Education, & Social Impact (NES) community includes teaching, service, and non-profit roles, along with “helping professions” like advising and coaching.

Journalist interviewing people

Communication, Journalism & the Written Arts

The Communication, Journalism & the Written Arts (CJW) community includes journalism along with advertising, public relations, publishing, and broadcasting.

View from outside a government building

Government, Law, & International Affairs

Government, Law, & International Affairs (GLI) includes roles pertaining to politics, policy, legal professions, think tanks, NGOs, and more.

Students presenting pitch ideas in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Business & Entrepreneurship

Business & Entrepreneurship (BE) includes everything from finance, consulting, and operations, to sales, marketing, human resources, and management training programs.

A laptop displaying code

Technology & Data Sciences 

The Technology & Data Sciences (TD) community includes everything from software engineering and developers to UX/UI, tech sales, and gaming, and the growing fields of data science, machine learning, and analytics.

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