Thank you for your interest in connecting with talent at Lawrence University!  

Our Employer Relations team is here to help connect employers, jobs, and internships to the bright and talented students here at Lawrence.  

About Lawrence

Lawrence University is a nationally recognized undergraduate liberal arts college with a conservatory of music in Appleton, Wisconsin. We enroll 1,500 full-time undergraduates from 46 states and 37 countries.

We are looking forward to connecting you with Lawrentians! For more information, or to connect with our Employer Relations team, please click on the profile links below:  

  • Danielle Kolman, Assistant Director of Employer & Alumni Relations, Career Center (internship and early career opportunities)  

  • Lori Fares, Career Center Coordinator  

  • Rachel Flom, Director of the Center for Community Engagement and Social Change (volunteer and Federal Work Study opportunities) 

The Lawrence Difference

Lawrentians are informed, independent thinkers who will add unique perspective and value to your team.  A world-class liberal arts education helps students develop critical thinking and communication skills that will allow them to adapt quickly in an ever-changing world. They are writers, leaders, and global citizens. 

Campus Engagement

The key to successful recruiting is building and maintaining a strong presence on campus. The Lawrence University Career Center offers a number of ways to engage with students, including:   

  • Info Sessions or 1:1 Coffee Conversations 

  • Class or student organization visits or presentations 

  • Student career treks to specific cities or on-site field trips to employers 

  • Mock interviews 

  • On campus interviews 

Hire an Intern or New Graduate

Lawrence University uses the Handshake platform to post internship and early career positions. Email Lori Fares, Lawrence University Career Center Coordinator, for more information on how to set up an account.

Hire a Viking (Alumni)

We encourage our alumni to consider hosting an intern or hiring a Lawrentian, and the Viking Connect Job Board makes it easy to post and connect with students for hiring purposes.  

Interested in exploring the possibility of hosting an intern? Contact

Internship Resources

Hosting an academic year or summer intern can be a rewarding experience, while filling a short term need or project within your organization. We are happy to connect you with students who are interested in interning with your organization. 

As defined by NACE, an internship is an extension of learning done in the classroom and provides space for practical application of classroom knowledge. An internship experience should have a defined beginning and end, and skills learned should be transferable to other employment settings.  

To assist in creating structured learning for your intern, Lawrence has created a document to create space for your intern and set learning goals. Please see the document below.  

If your intern is part of our summer internship program, we will also collect feedback from you in the form of a mid-term and final evaluation. We can also provide support or intervention if you need assistance with intern interaction or behaviors.  

Recruiting Resources

The Lawrence University Career Center is an active member of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) and adheres to NACE’s Principles for Ethical Professional Practice.  These guidelines provide recruitment professionals with a framework for maintaining a fair and equitable recruitment process and support responsible decision-making by candidates. 

Recruiting Resources: