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Our Vision 

Our vision is that every Lawrentian is empowered to experience success throughout life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to guide Lawrentians in exploring, discovering, and designing their future.

Our Core Values
  • Student-centered: Students and their success are our priority.
  • DEI+A: We foster a learning environment that honors diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.
  • Collaboration: We believe collaboration and networking are essential for student success.
  • Innovation: We value innovation because it allows us to continuously adapt and improve our services.
  • Discernment: We value discernment because it promotes self-exploration, discovery, and life design.
  • Community: We believe community is the foundation for engagement and belonging.

Career Center Professional Staff

Career Center Staff Fall 2023
Career Center and CCE Staff
Picture of Michelle Buchinger

Michelle M. Buchinger (She, Her)

Coordinator for the Career Center & Center for Community Engagement & Social Change

Hi Everyone! My name is Michelle Buchinger. I spend time in both the Career Center and the CCE. In my role, I help Lawrence University students by coordinating both funding for internship/research opportunities, as well as facilitating the Community Work-Study Program.

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Photo of Ty

Ty Collins

Assistant Director, Career Center - Communications, Journalism and Written Arts & Government, Law & International Affairs

As part of the Career Center team, I support students as they engage in activities that prepare them for the transition from college to the workplace.  This takes many different forms, from 1:1 career advising to large-group presentations and more.  I advise students in our 

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Headshot of Lori Fares, white woman with white hair in a blue blouse and black blazer.

Lori W. Fares (she/her/hers)

Operations and Communications Coordinator

As the Operations and Communications Coordinator, my role includes marketing and communications for events, programs and funding opportunities, managing the departmental budget, working with student staff, and providing administrative support for the team.  Each area has the common thread of enga

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Community Engagement and Social Change (CCE) Professional Staff

Rachel Flom, Director of the Center for Community Engagement and Social Change
Michelle Buchinger, Coordinator for Career Center & Center for Community Engagement and Social Change

Career Center Student Staff

Career Peer Educators

Oliver De Croock '24 - Curates for #BE and #TD Career Communities
Midushi Ghimire '24 - Curates for #HMP and #PHN Career Communities
Camara White '25 - Curates for #VPA and NES Career Communities

Marketing and Media Assistants

Maya Alberts '26
Spencer Brown ‘24
Lauren James-Spielman '24
Angelina Larrea '27

Front Desk Assistants

Daniel Godoy '24
Brook Schara '27
Blair Vandehey '26