Ty Collins

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Campus Address
Alice G. Chapman Hall
Room 210
Career Center
Assistant Director, Career Center - Communications, Journalism and Written Arts & Government, Law & International Affairs

As part of the Career Center team, I support students as they engage in activities that prepare them for the transition from college to the workplace.  This takes many different forms, from 1:1 career advising to large-group presentations and more.  I advise students in our Government, Law and International Affairs (#GLI), and Communication, Journalism and Written Arts (#CJW) Career Communities.  I've had a life-long interest and fascination with government, civics and politics and spent a significant portion of my career in the communications/media field.  I am also the pre-law advisor on campus.  For law and law-school resources, please visit our Pre-Law Resource Portal.

Communications, University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh
Years at Lawrence
2016 - Present