Arts and culture are a critical and powerful component of a healthy and vibrant community. Explore the many ways you can make a living in the arts in this career community.

Lawrence University is a creative and vibrant community that is passionate about various forms of expression regardless of one’s major. Combined with the Conservatory, Lawrence offers a wide variety of majors and experiential learning opportunities to pursue your passion for the arts.

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    Internship Spotlight 

    Lawrence has existing partnerships with local and national arts organizations, such as: 

    New York Jazz Academy logo and intern, Jando Valdez ‘24
    Jando Valdez '24 at New York Jazz Academy

    "When it came to becoming an educator and facilitator of basic and advanced concepts of jazz music theory, I felt empowered due to the wealth of resources I had on hand. Knowledgeable educators, a supervisor who was easy to contact, and lots of time to do my own research allowed me to grow on my own alongside the students I helped to teach."
    ~Jando Valdez '24 (sophomore during internship)

    New York Jazz Academy has evolved into one of the most diverse musical communities in the world, comprising over 1,000 musicians of all kinds, from over 35 states, and over 70 countries. Lawrence interns have served as educators and performers during the Summer Jazz Intensives for the past 5 years. 

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    Relevant Student Organizations 

    Joining a student organization can connect you with peers with similar interests and goals. Get involved, learn, experience, and give back. 

    • Deep Listeners of Lawrence University
    • Diversity in Fine Arts (DIFA)

    Alumni Connections

    Alumni can offer invaluable insights into your fields of interest and provide career advice to help you reach your goals.  

    These Lawrence alumni are currently working in the visual or performing arts:

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    Professional Associations

    Professional associations are a great source of field-specific information, career path ideas, and networking contacts. Examples of associations for visual and performing artists: