Whether you want to be a doctor, vet, nurse, or dentist, with your goal as a beacon to light the way, you are ready to take the first step to a career in health care.

The best companions for your journey are experienced advisors who have helped students chart their own paths many times before. Our medical school acceptance rate is above the national average thanks to personalized advising, strong liberal arts academic work, and a variety of health-focused enrichment experiences, including healthcare-focused courses, medical shadowing, student organizations, and internships from public health to research. 

The Health Care & Medical Professions (HMP) Career Community can assist your professional preparations. 

Faculty from a variety of scientific fields support pre-medical and pre-health students.

Several off-campus study programs support studying health beyond our borders.

Medical professionals wearing gloves and scrubs

Kickstart your health care career

We partner with a local technical college twice a year to offer a 2-week Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training, which will enable you to get hands-on health care experience in an Appleton-area hospital or nursing home.

Doctor standing in front of Theda Care hospital in Appleton, WI

All-star alumni partners help you find your way

Connect with alumni who were once in the same place you. Now practicing physicians and other medical practitioners, they are here to share their stories, open their labs for internships, and attend educational retreats with you to provide a variety of perspectives on health professions.

Student works with soil samples for summer research

Live the laboratory life

Hands-on research experience is waiting for you in the labs of Lawrence professors as part of our Lawrence University Research Fellows program, an intensive summer or December research program.

Students fist-bump at Commencement

Health Professions Outcomes

With a medical school acceptance rate over the national average, Lawrence students in the health professions advising program advance to future study for careers in medicine, dentistry, genetic counseling, nursing, pharmacy,  physical and occupational therapy, public health, veterinary medicine, and more.

Interested in the intersection of social and cultural issues in health? 

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The Scholar Athlete | This is Lawrence

Senior Ceara Larson, Natural Sciences Interdisciplinary Major (Biology-Physics) and Viking Softball Catcher, combines her work in class and on the field to research the biomechanics of a softball swing.

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