Discover the ways in which social, cultural, biological, and environmental factors contribute to the complexities of individual and population health. Consider ways in which you can make a difference in a world of health care inequities by working to change communities and structures, as well as behavior and biology.

Through courses across fields like anthropology, biology, ethnic studies, geosciences, philosophy, and psychology build an interdisciplinary understanding of health, its many forms, and what shapes it. Discover topics ranging from community health action to global health, and reflect on the intersections of health and wellness with environment, human biology, policy, social inequities, and ethics. Explore how you can make a difference in a world of health care inequities that marginalize vulnerable populations.

Study the intersections of health, wellness, and policy.

The health and society minor is an excellent way to explore your interests in human health or as a companion with cooperative degree programs in health care.

Professors from the humanities and social and natural sciences lead health and society courses.

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Hands-on experience

Undertake an internship, paid employment, further training, or volunteer work in the area of health care delivery, policy, or other work with vulnerable populations.

Thinking of a career in health care? Lawrence's pre-professional program in health care can help you get started. Learn more.

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Health and Society Outcomes

Health care and health services are ever-growing essential fields. As a health and society student, you’ll be encouraged to explore what area of patient-centered health care, public health, health policy or administration, or medical research calls to you.

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Lawrence Research Fellows

As a Lawrence University Research Fellow, you will have the opportunity to participate in student-faculty collaborative research, whether it’s with our professors here on campus or with one of our collaborating off-campus programs around the world.

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