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The Development team serves the alumni, students, families, and friends of Lawrence University. We can answer your questions about giving, events, volunteer opportunities, and additional ways to support and engage with Lawrence.

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Alex Baldschun headshot

Alex E. Baldschun

Assistant Director of Prospect Research

As Assistant Director of Prospect Research I help find new sources of fundraising and friendraising for the University. Focusing on individual donors as well as corporations and foundations, I help develop and manage our pool of prospects, as well as our strategy for fundraising in general.

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Photo of Anna Beno

Anna Beno (She/her(s))

Associate Director of Corporate, Foundation and Sponsored Research Support

In my role with CFSR, I partner with faculty and staff to develop research or project ideas and connect them to local and national grant funders. This encompasses the entire grants cycle, from finding funders to editing proposals, submitting grants, and administering funded grant projects.

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Luke's photo

Lucas A. Brown

Associate Vice President of Development

I serve as the chief prospect development strategist at Lawrence, conducting prospect research and managing data to advance institutional fundraising priorities.  I help develop strategy, plans, and forecasts for fundraising campaigns and directed Lawrence’s Be the Light! Campaign.

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Headshot of Jessica Buettner.

Jessica Buettner

Assistant Director of Development Operations

In my Advancement role, I work closely with Alumni, Development, and Communications colleagues along with other university offices to manage and provide accurate data to support Lawrence's mission, which in turn sustains Lawrentians today and tomorrow.

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Benjamin Campbell

Benjamin C. Campbell

Director of Alumni Engagement & Giving

As the Director of 50th Reunion Programs, I have the pleasure of partnering with a passionate volunteer group as they reconnect with classmates, plan meaningful events for their celebration, and encourage philanthropic support to Lawrence in honor of their special and important milestone.

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Photo of Erin Chudacoff

Erin Chudacoff

Executive Director of Donor Engagement

As Executive Director of Donor Engagement, I provide strategic direction and oversight of stewardship activities and lead the donor engagement team. We provide meaningful stewardship to major donors to the university, fostering connections between donors and the people and programs they support.

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lady like

Jamie S. Clay (She, her hers)

Administrative Assistant

As the Alumni and Development Administrative Assistant l provide administrative support to members of Lawrence’s Alumni and Development team assisting in the stewardship of donors, fostering connections with our constituency with meaningful opportunities to connect, engage, and administrative dut

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Jenn Freienmuth

Jenn Freienmuth (She/Her)

Assistant Director of Annual Giving

As Assistant Director of Annual Giving, I engage with alumni, work with students in the Philanthropy Engagement Center (PEC), partner with alumni to plan the 10th reunion, and educate the campus community about the importance of philanthropy.


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Miyoko Grine-Fisher

Miyoko Grine-Fisher (She/Her(s))

Director of Annual Giving

As Associate Director of Annual Giving, I engage with alumni to share philanthropic opportunities that will have a direct, positive impact on current and future Lawrentians.  I collaborate with my colleagues to manage our annual Giving Day, our Class Leadership Teams, and our Crowdfund campaigns.

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Claire Hafeman

Claire Hafeman

Assistant Director of Annual Giving

As Assistant Director of Annual Giving, I engage with alumni to share philanthropic opportunities that will have a direct, positive impact on current and future Lawrentians.  I collaborate with my colleagues to manage our annual Giving Day and Class Leadership Teams, as well as partner with alumn

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Cole Hepburn profile pic

Cole Hepburn

Assistant Director of Athletics Giving

As Assistant Director of Athletics Giving, I engage with athletic alumni/parents to share philanthropic opportunities that would help enhance our athletic facilities, provide resources and positively impact our current and future student athletes.

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Vice President for Alumni and Development

Calvin D. Husmann

Senior Vice President for Alumni, Development, and Communications

I work with colleagues to ensure our fundraising and alumni and community engagement programs are as effective and efficient as possible.  The Lawrence community is fiercely loyal and generous.  It is an honor to work with Lawrentians to help advance Lawrence.


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Smiling woman with short hair dressed in blue.

Amy Sue Hutchings (she/her)

Associate Director of Donor Engagement

As Associate Director of Donor Engagement, I work with peers from all across campus to explore ways to express gratitude to alumni, family, and friends who support Lawrence. It's always invigorating to hear why someone wants to give back to the Lawrence community. 

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Sherri Immel

Senior Development Coordinator

At Lawrence since 1995, Sherri provides assistance to the associate vice president of alumni and constituency engagement, Bjӧrklunden, Principal, Major, and Planned Giving officers and Donor Engagement.  Provides support for donor stewardship, endowed funds and named scholarships.

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Amber Nelson

Amber R. Nelson

Director of Alumni-Development Communications

As Director of Alumni-Development Communications I plan, create, coordinate, implement, and monitor communications from the Alumni Development department through an integrated multichannel strategy.

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Mackenzie Neumann Headshot

Mackenzie Neumann

Coordinator for Alumni Development Communications

As Coordinator of Alumni-Development Communications I assist in planning, creating, coordinating and monitoring communications from the Alumni Development department through an integrated multichannel strategy. 

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Black and white headshot of Anna Ponder

Anna Ponder (she/her/hers)

Vice President for University Advancement

I work with a remarkable team to advance and amplify the mission, purposes, and goals of Lawrence University through fundraising and partnerships, strategic communications and media, brand management and marketing, volunteer leadership support, and alumni and community engagement.

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Kyle Tauschek

Kyle Tauschek

Gift Processing Specialist

As the Gift Processing Specialist, I process and record gift transactions, reconcile cash and checks with postings and deposits, and assist with the creation of acknowledgement letters.

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Mike J. Tompos

Senior Principal Gift Officer

Mike worked in the Advancement Office in the 1990s and is thrilled to be back on Team Lawrence. He has four decades of experience helping facilitate gifts, especially those that generate tax benefits and accomplish financial planning objectives for donors.

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Jenny Ziegler

Jenny Ziegler

Executive Director of Development Analytics and Operations

My team assists the Advancement Office with getting data in and out of the database related to alumni, parents, and friends, including biographical information and their philanthropy. We help keep alumni connected to LU and to each other.

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