Whether you support scholarships, facilities, research experiences, athletics or academic programs, your gifts make a daily impact on Lawrence students. You do not have to take our word for it; you can hear directly from the students your support impacts. 

Mark Todd '23

Mark Todd ’23

"The reason I can attend Lawrence is because I am a recipient of a few scholarships. These scholarships are due to the generosity of donors. I know I speak not only for myself, but on behalf of many others, thank you! Getting a liberal arts education is really underrated. The diverse environment, and the wide range of classes we take really equips us with great problem-solving skills. Thank you for allowing myself and others this great opportunity to attend Lawrence."

Ayla Walther ’23

Ayla Walther ’23

“I am incredibly grateful to the donors who have made it possible for me to attend Lawrence. As a financially independent student, paying for my education seemed really daunting at first, but thanks to donors, I don’t have to worry about financial difficulties.  I am able to enjoy the wonderful liberal arts education that Lawrence has to offer. I truly appreciate all they do to help donor provide for students like that allows me enjoy and grow during my time at Lawrence.”


Ethan Swanson Photo

Ethan Swanson '24

"Without donors like you, I would not have been able to attend Lawrence or participate in summer research. I am beyond grateful for your support, you are the reason I am receiving such a wonderful education."

Raven Ganaway photo

Raven Ganaway ’23

“I am very thankful for donor's support! Without donors, I would not be able to pursue my educational goals at a prestigious school like Lawrence.  I especially think it is so important when alumni decided to give back.  It is essentially them paying forward the knowledge, opportunities and experiences that they were so fortunate to have when they were students.”

Hurvis Scholars

Tom and Julie Hurvis Scholarship

“The Tom and Julie Hurvis Scholarship has aided me financially and taken financial stress off paying for college. My sister and I are experiencing college together, which has been a blessing. The scholarship has greatly helped us pursue our academic interests without being held back.” Marelis Alvarez ’24

“The Tom and Julie Hurvis Scholarship has always been an opportunity to complete a degree with as little of the financial burden and stress that comes with pursuing higher educational degrees. This opportunity allows me to develop an education that I would not have been able to develop, in the way in which I wanted to, without it.” —Meralis Alvarez-Morales ’22

Marelis and Meralis pictured with Tom Hurvis ’60 and Ann Peterson Anderson ’63

Did donors' support change your life at Lawrence? 

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