Amy Kester (she/her)

Amy Kester profile portrait
Campus Address
1025 E. South River Street
Room 126
Associate Vice President for Leadership and Institutional Giving

I lead the corporate, foundation, and sponsored research support team and serve as the principal grants officer for organizational fundraising at Lawrence. Our role is to provide comprehensive grant seeking and grants management services, and we build relationships with like-minded philanthropic, corporate, and governmental organizations. I like to say that we have a liberal arts dream job, because our work is cross-disciplinary and endlessly varied. Our specialty is transforming great ideas into real world, high-impact projects that advance teaching, learning, research, artistry, and service across campus and beyond. I look forward to connecting with you!

Favorite Spot on campus

Although I do not have a favorite place at Lawrence, what I enjoy the most is strolling across campus on a crisp autumn or warm spring day... there is nothing else quite like it.

Bachelor of Arts, Macalester College (major in political science, minor in philosophy)
Master of Public Administration, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Years at Lawrence