Eileen Paulson Johnson MD'66

Eileen Paulson Johnson MD'66 recently met LU student Trang Doan '19 while attending Reunion. Eileen and Trang bonded over an impromptu conversation during a meal Trang catered for the event and have been in close contact ever since. The two of them have eagerly shared their cultures with each other, showing a deep respect and interest for one another: As Trang shared, "she cares about Asian cultures a lot and loves to listen to my stories about my friends, my family or culture differences." Eileen has also shared Native American ceremonies and traditions with Trang, giving her a truly unique experience worth remembering. "I feel lucky that I had a chance to meet her" Trang wrote. "Eileen is an amazing woman. She is strong, independent and understanding". 

Eileen is also a member of the LUAA Board of Directors, serving on the Awards committee. Eileen has also been a Giving Day volunteer and Game Changer, and has served on her Reunion committee.